Two near-lucid moments

…At least, that’s what they SEEM like. I sometimes wonder if this is the kind of thing that signals lucidity is close…

Once, I was doing some laundry in a dream. The situation, as I can best recall, was perfectly normal, everything was just like real life. At least as close as can be expected during REM. However, something about the process of doing laundry (in a regular, everyday fashion) seemed to me to be a bit odd. I was thinking: “This is wierd… who would come up with this idea? It’s like an odd dream.” I failed to become lucid. Upon waking up, I was just wierded out by the whole thing, it was almost like some kind of reverse reality check. Instead of checking whether I was dreaming in waking life when something odd happened, I considered it somewhat dreamlike in a dream when something normal happened.

Here’s one from last night’s long, twisty but altogether vivid dream. I go to the fridge. The fridge is, naturally, in the living room of the house I grew up in, a place I haven’t been to for maybe 12 or 13 years. I open it up and start to urinate in it, right onto the shelves. It strikes me as a bit odd, so I stop mid-stream and zipper up. I think to myself and then remark to the surrounding characters (immediate family) that I only do that kind of stuff in my sleep as I dream. I fail to question reality, because of the sheer clarity of the whole scene and alertness in my mind. At least that’s what I rationalized once I woke up, bemused and frustrated. (and yes, the bed was dry :smile:)

From last night, I wrote out 6 pages consisting of about 4 or 5 dreams. If I was able to even approximate the detail (visual, dialogue, thoughts and feelings) from the whole night’s worth, I’m sure it would have been at least 50 or 60 pages.

Still trying, but unsuccessful…

Seeya later :content:

lol yep gotta love it, you just gota push your self over that little line and gain lucidity, nex time you do a RC just think “if it were a dream now, what would i want to do,” try it, just think it or whatever, just see your self doing it, that helped me a lot maybe it will help you as well

It sounds like you are getting close. Keep practicing !!!

How many RC do you do per day? Try as many as you can and after each one remind yourself that “next time I will recognize when I am dreaming”

Happy Dreaming

lol… i am happy i am not the only who ocassionaly urinate in the fridge, in the dreams :smile:

Thanks for the tips, milod789 and Timeless_Soul. I do RC entirely too sporadically, I think. Also I’m not sure I take myself “seriously” enough as I do them. Lately I’ve taken to drawing a circle on the index finger of my writing hand. On those days I’ll maybe do a dozen or so.

Normally, though, I will go all day without doing any, then after work check out LD4all, and suddenly realize I didn’t do my RC’s for the day! And like I said, I’ll be thinking: “of course I can’t put my finger through my hand. Of course I can’t breathe through my nose. Of course I remember how I got here. I’m not dreaming.” I figure that kind of thinking could lead to failed reality checks in NDs.

I’ll try to take myself more seriously today.

[pauses to draw a circle on the finger]

Seeya later

Jess :cool:

[aside: why would I ever fail to question reality when there is a 10 or 12 foot tall camel slowly circling me in the woods, and declaring in a loud, clear, booming voice, “My name is Charlie”? Argh!]

Yes try to take it very seriously. Really try to prove that you are not dreaming/are dreaming which ever the case may be. What you are doing with the RC along with keeping a DJ ( You are keeping one right :smile: ) is two fold. 1) you will hopefully start to do RC in your dreams as well and realize you are dreaming. 2) You develop an awareness of your waking and dreaming states. When you are dreaming you will just know it is a dream.

Good luck and Happy Dreaming

lol just the words i was goona use, might follow you are milod i wont need to post, u think too much like me, that is worrying :razz:

keep at it bro and keep us up to date. pm me or somthing when it pays off i wanna know :happy: