Two of the Same Person

I know I am not the only person to experience this, as I have mentioned it once to a friend and she indicated that she had the same experience. Also a quick Google search resulted in a few descriptions of similar experiences.
Two dreamversions of the same person in real life.
For me, it is usually a romantic interest. In the dream, I am dating or interested in two people, but I am just realizing it and I feel guilty that I can’t decide between the two, or I feel that i have been leading one of them on. When I wake up, I realize that both were dream versions of the same person.
In the past, I would have these dreams when I was in the early stages of dating someone.
Currently, I am in a long term relationship IRL, but I have a re-occurring romantic interest in my dreams (this is a person from my past who dated a friend and I had some confusing feelings about at the time. He ended up doing something that hurt me and a large group of friends very badly and I don’t know if I will ever get over that) For a long time now he appears as a romantic interest in my dreams. Sometimes there are two versions of him, but in the dream they are two separate people who don’t like each other because they have an ex-girlfriend in common (my friend, the person’s ex IRL). In the dream I get confused trying to think of what they have in common and what is different about them. Sometimes it even occurs to me that they have the same name (his name IRL) and I think “Well, no wonder it’s confusing, they even share a name.”
More recently, the two versions are friends with each other, which makes things not so much stressful, but fun for me.
I have a lot of confused feelings and guilt about these re-occurring romances, since I have a RL bf who appears in my dreams much less frequently. AND to add to the confusion, when I first met my now bf, a few years before we began dating, there were a few things about him similar to this re-occuring dream interest (though he had not been in my dreams prior to this) which led me to have ONE dream, with my now re-occuring dream romantic interest in it. When I woke up, I concluded that he had actually been in the dream in place of my now bf (but at the time someone I had just met) because of their few shared characteristics I had switched one for the other in the dream.
I think that may have lead to him (person from my past) becoming a regular character in my dreams once I became involved with my now-bf. It’s strange because they are not similar in my mind at all anymore and last night they were both (or all three, as my bf did not have a double, but the person from my past did) appear as rivals for my attention in my dream.

Sorry if my descriptions of my specific experiences are confusing, but maybe that will help to convey how confusing they are for me. If there is any way I can clarify, please let me know. I would really appreciate any replies, even if it’s just to say
that yes you have experienced two of the same person in dreams or no you have not.

Really interesting. This never occurred to me before. When I dream about people I know, inside the dream they are kind of different from what they are IRL (physically mostly) while in a LD (especially if I want them to appear exactly the way they are IRL) they look completely different from reality.

It sounds like a sort of DC-Personality-Disorder: same person, two different personalities. But doesn’t perhaps your SC divide the same person in two thus showing you the ‘amplified’ traits you would want them to have? In other words, you like both of them in their own way.

You ever had a LD with those two split personalities ? You could either try to choose one of them or somehow ‘compress’ them together forming one (perfect?) personality.

Cheers :smile: