Two questions - a weird dream phenomenon and microawakenings

Hi, all. This is my second topic. I am hoping to get a bit of advice from you experienced dreamers.

First, I am having a recurring, strange experience in a number of my dreams. Deja vu. It seems as though a scene in the dream will repeat. Now, my dream recall is not yet good enough for me to say for sure what circumstances in the dream precipitate this, if any, but this might make for a good dream sign. Even in the relatively passive mental state there in a dream, where I’m not reflective to any real extent, the experience of seeing the same scene twice seems jarring. Have you had this? What causes it for you?

Second, I am curious about microawakenings. I can’t recall them worth a damn, and I’m wondering, beyond merely setting intentions, what I might do to become more aware of them. On a related note, I am wondering if any new sleep technology has been put to good use, such as the sleepshirt or the iphone apps that purport to wake you up in a particular phase of the sleep cycle.

Thanks from China

Welcome to LD4all.
As far as your first question is concerned, I have had this often. If it works for you, it could be an extremely good Dream Sign. It is quite common from what I know. A good example is that there are many people who have the same reoccurring nightmares. I have had dreams myself that are the exact same dream I have had before, and in the middle of the dream, I recognize that fact and the dream takes an interesting turn, although I don’t believe I’ve ever become lucid through that manner. As for what triggers it, I don’t have much of a clue. If you continuously dream about a certain house, for instance, maybe it’s because you pass that house on your way to work or school everyday.

When it comes to the micro-awakenings, suggestion is the only method I know to make you aware of them. However, if you want to do something like the WBTB method, then you could set an alarm to wake you up about 4.5 hours after you fall asleep. For most people, this will be in the middle of an REM period. I own a device called the Zeo sleep manager, and it tracks my sleep cycles so I know when I’m in REM. You could use Zeo or a similar product to track your sleep cycles for a couple nights, and then use an alarm to perform a WBTB during your REM periods. Also, the Lucid Dreaming App may or may not be helpful. I know it’s available on Android phones, but I’m not sure if it’s available for the iPhone.

I hope I was of some help. :smile:

Hi, thanks for the response. I wasn’t clear - it’s not a recurring theme or scenario in different dreams, but the same scene in the same dream, like a skip on a record or that scene with the cat walking by twice in the matrix.

I will try the WBTB method again soon - my major focus now is building dream recall. I’m hovering around 2 to 3 remembered per 24 hours now, so I will put off any special LD techs until I reach at least 5.

Thanks again for the suggestions and the warm welcome!