Two things to share...

First off this little banner/splash thing i’ve made.

and secondly this poem i wrote it a few days ago my close friends have seen it, but i thought i would share it with all of you.

warning: The following poem does deal with a context that many people may find a little disturbing and/or bring out other emotional responses.


She sees it every night,
Feels its cold touch upon her breast.
She fears it, the monster of the dark.
She has a fear of the dark,
That’s when it comes for her
When the light fades and darkness falls,
The monster comes for her.

Every night without fail,
She doesn’t understand it
She can’t scream, she hates the monster.
Mommy said there are no monsters,
no real ones; But there are.

She cries herself to sleep under her blankets,
Wrapped tightly around her.
Eight years old and she knows
The monsters are real.
Sometimes she hears the monster,
but what can she do?

Why does such a little girl feel so helpless,
Why does she feel this hate, this fear?
Here there be monsters.
She knows all it wants is love,
It always gets what it wants and she can’t tell.
Mommy knows shes so tired.
So tired, afraid to sleep.
Mommy asks why she’s afraid of the dark,
Why she can’t sleep at night.
But how can she tell?
How can she tell her about the monster,
The one that looks like daddy?

The daddy monster that comes,
every night without fail
and touches her where no child should be touched?
The daddy monster will come again tonight,
Touch her, love her, make her hate.
But he only does it because he loves her,
And she has to love him too, right?
Mommy said there are no monsters,
No real ones; But there are.

© 2004 C. Klavins

Have you seen a shrink lately???

But seriously thats not bad for a poem, although it is extremely disturbing :bored: :…:


i studied psychology i am a healthy guy… for a total nutcase anyways.


that’s some good shit u got there. guess im crazy too. woohoo!