Two Years Without an LD

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‘‘Why Tracy? WHY?’’

Did you try indeed? :wink:

Intenting to have LD’s is the most important. If you’re not really motivated, you will have few or no LD’s. But you haven’t given the faintest explanation about your case, so the best answer to your question “why?” would be: “because.” :tongue:

I have gone for 1 week without talking and barely eating because I wanted to LD. I cant seem to do it, no matter how hard I try!!

lol ur probably trying too hard

Last night I tried suneye, but no no avail :sad:, tonight I’ll try Roy G Bv, tell you how it goes!

Don’t try too hard.

Thing usually come to you when you least expect them… atleast that’s my experience :smile:

Tried any extra stuff (like the remdreamers, etc)?

Well, I have everything down ( RC’s, WILDS) and no, I have not tries any extra stuff.

Well, in an unrelated note: COOL! SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS THE SAME KIN!!

Now then. Have you been trying for 2 years STRAIGHT or what? Because if you’ve been trying for 2 years STRAIGHT, you need to lay off it for a while.

Also, have you consistently been trying something? That is, have you concentrated on JUST ONE TECHNIQUE for months? Because I noticed that you said you “tried tried suneye, but no no avail sadblauw, tonight I’ll try Roy G Bv…” Well, I think you need to stay with one and try it for months before moving to a different one.

Well, I was on WBTB for about 3 months, I tried suneye for about a week, but it hurt my eyes so I quit, I was on WILD for about 1 year, but haven’t gotten any results. I usually practice every other night, and tonight I’m gonna try an Induction Cd. ( I’ve been practicing a little more these past few weeks)

WBTB is not a standalone technique. Suneye should only be tried once a week, I think it says.

And as for WILD, I guess it’s not for you.

But keep plugging at it. You got the drive, so you’ll get a LD.

I keep telling myself that not being preoccupied with having LDs is important. I have a very active and interesting dream life, but LDs are not a part of it.

Sure, I keep trying. In part, that’s why I’m here (I read more than post), but apart from a couple of near misses and the occassional flight in mid dream, no LDs. Since I am over fifty and have been trying since my early twenties, I guest I qualify as a roayl failure on this point. But, one can always hope.


From what I can see you haven’t found your technique. I have this problem, but with the amount of RCs I do, and how often I practice Lucid Living, I have regular LDs. For goodness sake EAT. Lucid dreams cannot be gained from self deprivation, and being frustrated is as good for Lucidity as not trying at all.

I can’t WILD. never have been able to. Right now, I’m doing a system to find out what’s best for me. Color technique at night, MILD in the morning, LL and RC during the day, WILD naps on weekends, and HILD at night on weekends. I’ve just started this, so hopefully I’ll find something that works. I’d suggest trying something like this too. Good luck, mate. :content:

Everybody gave very useful answers. :happy: I’ll try to add mine.

As everybody says, don’t try to hard.

It’s possible that your failures with WILD make you lost your motivation. It’s common. Then stop practising LD’ing. When you are interested again in and think you’ll succeed, you try again with another method. Here are my advices:

  • first read all the LD’ing litterature you can find on the web, for instance the Lucidity Institute and the LD’ing wikibook. It seems you were misusing some techniques. If you don’t understand how a technique works, ask on the forum.
  • write down your DJ. Try to notice in it dreamsigns and prelucid dreams. Noticing prelucid dreams may make you understand when you’re making progress. Dreamsigns are useful for RC’ing. Only start LD’ing techniques when you have got a good DR.
  • practice RC’s and autosuggestion.
  • and don’t practice WILD techniques, it’s not for you.

Good luck! :smile:


Train yourself to not move when you wake up. Don’t sit up. Don’t open your eyes. Don’t use an alarm clock (so you don’t have to reach for it). Don’t move your body in any way.

Dreaming is a sort of trance state - if you move, it goes away and you have to start all over. Sorta like scratching while you’re meditating (it’s a bad thing). If you can teach yourself to not move upon awakening, it’s very easy to slip back into a dream with full consciousness. Just tell yourself “I’m dreaming” a few times while you wait for the dream to start up again…

I’m mentioning this, because it’s something you probably haven’t tried yet - and it works on a different mindset than other techniques. It also works really well… Though, it does take practice.

PS - You might also want to close your blinds before bed so the sun doesn’t rouse you (or go to bed earlier).

I am sorry for you, i got my first lucid dreams before i found this forum, and another ones after 2 days of founding it.

Maybe you are person who just can’t relax in bed?

“I have gone for 1 week without talking and barely eating because I wanted to LD.”

Tell me this isnt true :bored:
Come on, its only a optional activity, you dont have to try that hard.

I remember being in a semi-not being able to LD rut a while ago and all I did to break it was focus on the dream itself instead of the LD experience. I started getting and remembering some very very vivid and intense dreams and then realizing when i was having recurring dreams.

Also, not moving in a dream state is different for different people. I find that if I get too excited I will wake up, but if I don’t move at all I will also wake up. Some LDs become a struggle for me just to stay within that happy medium.