u know what will be cool! - LD video game

it will be so cool if some1 made a video game about lucid dreaming. Like first the person in the game has to learn about LD and then when he has a LD u control it and u can do what u want in it like fly etc. Wouldn’t that be sooo coooool! lol

YES!!! That sounds pretty cool, i would play that.

It would be, but why play it when you can actually LD. :razz:

yea true but u cant always LD like every single night unless u really master it!!! In the game u can!! :grin:

Plus, you would be thinking about LD’ing more and therefore invoke more LD’s. :cloud9:

I’d play that game. :yes:

There has been games about LDing.
I rememeber Little Nemo Dream Master for the NES.

But if there was a LD game what would be the boss/enemy.
What would the story be?
Would it be sopmething like the movie Paprika or like little Nemo Dream Master or something else.?

It would be kind of fun to have as a computer game, just to mess around on, but I don’t know if it would be a game that I would sit down and play consistently.

It would be a lot of work designing it if you wanted to be able to have control of everything (most things) in the dream.

I think it would be pretty nice, but it’d run into a few design problems:
1- It’d work if it had a storyline. While sandbox games, such as the GTA series, are usually really fun to just mess around, it wouldn’t work well without a story.
2- While there could be some great ideas, I think it’d hardly recreate LDs as they are… The amount of freedom, for example :smile:
3- It’d need to be modification-friendly :happy: Adding new stuff to it, player-made stuff would be a nice feature

The stoy could be about someone who has repetative bad dreams, they finds someone who tells them about LD. They use it to get rid of the dreams.

The closest game that I can think of is Garry’s Mod for the PC. You can spawn objects, build things, fly - shares some things with LD.

I have played that a few times and I don’t really think that they are alike. Although you can do stuff that you would be able to do in lucid dreams, it just seems like another shoot-em up game. When you aren’t shooting aliens and are building stuff, it just doesn’t seem like a LD to me at all. I suppose no video game would be able to do that very well though.

When you start dreaming about the game, that’s when the real fun begins. It should definately have reality checks in it. Ofcourse it could make it more difficult to DILD. If you start making the excuse that you’re playing the game.

but… for me lucid dreaming is lucid dreaming because it’s so real (well I’ve heard anyway :sad: ), not a simulation like a video game. A game can’t make you smell or feel the wind brushing against your face and body as you SWING THROUGH THE CITY AS SPIDER MAN!!

good idea though… but LDing wins out, no contest :ok: :grin:

Yes, lets make it so we can completely manipulate anything in the game and… I’m not going to even try being cynical it’s just impossible. The whole point of lding is to do anything, a video game has restrictions. And seriously stop typing like “omg u r teh best lolz!!!zomg!!!@11111

Mod? Mod for a game? Or is it the game’s name?

Well yeah, I’ve been trying to think of a concept for a LD game. What I thought was that you are this boy who starts getting LD’s and discover that you can use it for some things. While you advance, you learn new abilities(Flying, throwing fireballs, stopping time), which are used to achieve the different goals. It was going to be like a Megaman Battle Network game, where you first get to play what would be Real Life and then you go to sleep and play(in a platform way) in the dream.

I even started making it, but stopped since I have no sprites I can use because I suck at spriting(I modified Lan’s body for the main character sprite).

By the way, Garry’s Mod is made with the source engine, which was used to make Half Life 2, and other games. The engine was created by Valve(HL2).

Love games. If there was a LD game there’s a 100% chance that I would buy it.
So Nachician keep going with your game. It will surely turn out great when it’s finished :good:

Agreed, the experience is worlds apart. Its still the closest thing I can think of though.
(lol, sometimes I dream of playing GMOD when I want to LD… bit of irony, no?)

Its a mod for the source engine. I think that you need Half Life 2 or Counter Strike : Source first.

Haha done that and boy is it fun. Have you ever tried webswinging through the woods/forest, Way harder.

have you played the game ‘Psychonauts’?

It’s not about LDs, but it sort of reminds me of them. It’s a videogame about entering people’s minds.
Here is where you can read about it.