hey hey, ugh im really confused, i bin reading up a fair bit and i still fail to distinguish a difference between MILD and WBTB. they both seem to work from the same principles…anyone care to explain? thanx

Okay, um anyone else feel free to correct me in my definitions.

WBTB is wake back to bed. Like you’ll wake up and then go back to bed with the intention to have an LD.

The intention to have an LD itself is what MILD in effect is, the difference is that WBTB is more specific whereas MILD may be utilized when youre going to bed for the first time at night (or day) :tongue: Oh, another difference is that with WBTB you usually do something after waking up maybe for a half hour or so (browsing the forums or something LD-related preferably, tho not necessary)

Good luck! :smile:

Yes, WBTB isn’t really a technique in itself. It just means that you get up at night and back to sleep later, usually combined with WILD or MILD.
People tend to say they do WBTB when they actually mean that they do WBTB with MILD/WILD, since it’s considered to be obvious that noone does WBTB alone :smile:


Yeah, what they said.

WBTB is when you get out of bed, then get back in a bit later.

MILD is repeating a mantra (such as ‘I will have a lucid dream’) as well as doign some other stuff (visulasing, keeping in mind that you wish to have a lucid dream).