ugh, Suneye

Someone tell me what im doing wrong?
heres exactly what i did for the suneye technique last night.

  • went to bed at 12
  • focused on my 3rd eye. felt strong vibrations and told myself i would have and remember a lucid dream. Eventually drifted off to sleep.
    -Accidentaly woke up at 3:15 and could not sleep for maybe 20 minutes. Maybe this affected it?
  • woke up at 6, went on the forums till 7.
  • did the suneye focus, felt vibrations.
    then… i had a regular dream. Though there were many parts that shouted out i was dreaming, i didnt recognize them.
    Maybe i should try again tonight, and focus on recgonzing odd things such as a purple elephant in my school?
    thanks for help anyone

Seems like you got close. Accidentally waking up could have screwed up rem, but otherwise it sounds like you were close.