Been a couple of months at this~ :content: (hope this topic belongs here)

DR has shot through the roof! Whee. Yay for weird dreams!
And now in some dreams…I think something’s not right…then it slips back into ND. mmm. Yep. Any advice/relocation of topics/what should I do/The usual. :tongue:

RC, dammit!! :razz:

Seriously, IRL, when you think something’s not right, RC. Even if you randomly think about it during the day, RC. It’ll help.

I feel like crying :cry: …I havent had an LD for soooooooo long. :sad: I have been trying so hard on RC’s and recoding my dreams, and identifying dream dream symbols and reocurring…I’m going to go cry now…

Get a grip on yourself man. It’s not the end of the world. If you give up then you’l never get an LD. You will get one through Patience. As for oddish, seriously, RC’s REALLY increase your chance of getting a LD, in your dreams. So RC IRL, everytime, something weird happens, you feel a sense of De-Ja vu, it even helps if you RC randomly. If you have any dreamsigns you have noticed, for example you notice that you always have dreams where you watch tv, then RC everytime you are about to watch tv.

Thats a good point cause everytime I do a RC(about 25 x daily) I zombie through it. I don’t usually do it when something weird happens…Maybe I just need to find out what works best for me.

you nailed it. go over all the different ideas/techniques you can find, and pick the ones that you think will work for you. then try those. if they dont work, then try something else. dont stick to something that someone else has had success with just because they had success. what matters is that you get success yourself, right?

Thanks. Uhh…anyway…forgot to add this earlier…

While WILDing or whateverness…I twitch. As in my arm,finger,leg,whatever will just…twitch. Weirdness.

In my opinion , RC’s will be the best place to start , Even tough they might not work straight away , it may take a while , But the important thing is not to give up , you can also combine Wbtb+Wild+Rc , which worked wonders for me ,

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Twitching means your having a problem relaxing. Try to have a hot bath before you sleep or even try to listen to some calm music before you go to sleep. Make sure you are fully relaxed before you attempt WILD.

It doesnt mean that at all. It means exactly the opposite, that you are mildly relaxed. All people twitch when asleep.

Really? That’s what Basillus West told me. :o
Oh well, I guess you could be right.

THANKS TO EVERYONE! :slight_smile:

I appreciate it~ =P

Myoclonic jerk/twitch?

Learned about that while watching “House, MD.” (which happened to have a very lucid-dream-like season finale earlier this year) :tongue:

Ahh so its normal… =P

Hmmm… :eh: it seems to me indeed that it most often happens when you are not perfectly relaxed. For instance, you relax, then you start to think about something slightly disturbing and you begin to inconsciouly contract a muscle again, then… twitch! But I’ve perhaps no very well observed the phenomenon.