Ultimate technique!!

Ok so theres this technique that i have thought of. Its kind of related to how the nova dreamer works. Its simple and can be pretty effective.

You need a friend to help with this and a flash light or any kind of other light that can keep going on and off.

How to:

You tell your friend to flash the light a couple of times while you are sleeping(make sure its during REM sleep so you can see the light in the dream) You would probably see the light in your dreams just like how the nova dreamer works. Only thing i don’t like about this technique is that you need a friend that will stay up 5 hours after you sleep :tongue:

But this technique does work probably most of the time. You all should give it a try and report back please. Also i have tried this technique once and had one short LD.

Good luck~ ld411

Hey thats a really good idea!
Especially since the nova dreamer is discontinued or whatever…
Yea, it is kind of hard for someone to stay up all that time with a flashlight though, heh. I still wanna try it even.

thanks! :grin:

I love it!! Now if I could only convince my wife to stay up and flash the light in my face. She might slug me with the flashlight instead if I ask her to stay up for 5 hours in the middle of the night.

Haha. Great if you try it let us know how it goes! :smile:

Is it possible to put a timer on a flashlight to make it flick off and on?

good idea.
just really hard.

you can easily make one.

or you could both wake up for WBTB so he/she wouldn’t have to stay up for 5 hours, instead only maybe one hour.

maybe but i like my way better :tongue:

im not sure :neutral:

How can you set up a lamp that goes off with a timmer? like what model? Could you possibly get a powerboard with a timmer so the lamp gets juice at a certain time?

maybe that is possible you should search google for that :smile:

Well, if anybody tries this technique, let us know. I want to know the results from this :happy:
& if anybody finds a way to do the flash light thing with one person, let us know :smile:

Heh, I was wondering about that. I tend to stay up a lot later than most other people in my family, so if I caught one of my siblings during their REM period… could I help them achieve an LD? The flashlight idea might not work in this case, but if I whispered “You’re dreaming” a few times, couldn’t that somehow carry into their dream, and help them to get lucid?

That’s a good idea. But, you could probably just use an MP3 for that :wink:

try it out and let us know how it goes. :smile:

Another idea:

I don’t know about Windows machines, but you can set a Mac to turn on at a given time through control panels. If you were to put your mac on the bedside table in a pitch black room, when it turned on at the time you specify, the LCD screen would brighten the room considerably.

You’d probably need to be facing the thing, but it might be worth a try…


thats a good idea but what if the computer is to far from your eyes? then it wouldn’t work.

Ha, nice idea. I thought of it, but figured it would be too much work… how stupid am I!? I didn’t even think of a timer. :smile: Ok, there are several ways to do this, ranging from simple to complex. I’ll name the ones on the top of my head. :smile:

  1. Buy a wall timer. These cost about 4 dollars for a cheap one, and are generally used to turn christmas lights on and off at a preset time each day. All you have to do, is set the on and off time, plug it in, and plug the lamp into it. PROs: Cheap, incredibly easy. CONs: Can only turn on/off once per night.

  2. Build a circuitboard. Depending on how fancy you want to get, you might even go so far as to solder the lamp permanently to it. You would only need a capacitor, a battery timer, a few feet of wire, a decent breadboard or solderboard, etc. PROs: You can set it to run anytime, everytime, flash, etc. All depending on how much work you put into it. CONs: far more labour intensive then a timer. If I ever find the time, I might even have the parts laying around! If you want to get really technical, you can do a little research into what physical telltales of REm sleep there are, and have it flash only durring REM, like a very very cheap Nova dreamer. :smile:

3… I cant remember, though I was certain there was at least one… :smile: