Ultra frequent Lucid Dreamers, Give me you're advice!

Hello community of dreamers…

I just expierenced my first LD. It was wonderful and I look forward to the next episodes into my subconcious. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for a beginner with great dream control. I can “will” what I want into existence with my mind. I have advanced dream control because i believe in my self very much. I have strong convictions about my own ability to control my dreams.

So my question is what is the most reliable method to induce “frequent multiple LD per night” adventures. I know some of you lucidity masters got a few tricks up you’re sleave you could share with me :razz:

So my current technique is habitual clock double takes. Its fun. worked once. 2 nigths ago. So yea (gettn a lil long) :{
Send me your personal tips. I have read the big forum of newbie tips so dont link me there :razz:

Well the “masters” have posted their tricks, you gotta dig in the forum.

WILD I don’t suggest as unless your willing to wake up multiple times a night. DIELD is probably the best for multiple but you gotta be scary good at gaining lucidity and dream recall which I bet takes years to master. Use the technique that fits you not the one that gives you more lucid dreams a night. If you really want to you could do a technique combination for multiple.

Hiya Childmind. Many of our frequent lucid dreamers have had natural lucid dreams. For instance, WritersCube has always been lucid ever since he was a child.

Now, another member, Wyvern, was able to go from no LD to nothing but LD just by using Lucid Living. I practice it from time to time myself, and when I do I notice a drastic increase in LD’s and DR. However, I am far from mastering it.

Check it out here: link

You need to find the technique that works best for you. Im naturally lucid and have just started learning about LDs, so I dont know all the techniques. If you want to be a better lucid dreamer I suggest that you practice every night. I think Rhewin and Spartinpastic explain it pretty well, so keep their advice in mind.