Um, what was this? (WILD question)

Ok, so i’ve only succeeded in having a WILD once and that was years ago and it only lasted afew seconds. so recently i’ve decided to try my hand at the technique again as it is very appealing to me.

I just attempted to have a WILD afew minutes ago and I had kind of a strange experience that I’m hoping some of the more experienced WILDers here can explain for me.

So I lay down, do some reverse blinking and get nice and relaxed (i’m getting pretty good at this). When I feel my body start to go numb, i start using the teleporting OBE method, visualizing myself somewhere else.

at one point i’m imaging myself at the beach, then outside on my porch, and then even back at my highschool.

Now, after like 10-15 minutes of this the strangeness begins.

suddenly it feels like i’m ‘falling into’ my eyes or like i’m being sucked or pulled into the darkness (the point is, i felt like i was moving). This lasts all of 2 seconds.

Immediately after that my heart started pounding really fast ( and i mean fast, like i was sprinting in a race) and my eyes starting squinting on their own as if they were trying to keep themselves shut (i wasn’t trying to open them though, i was just going with it).

my eyes stopped squinting after like 3-4 seconds and my heartbeat gradually returned to normal shortly after… Plus my body didn’t feel numb at all anymore even though i stayed still the entire time.

this entire episode lasted about 10 seconds or so, then i got up wondering what the hell had just happened.

I’ve felt my body twitch b4 will trying to WILD (including my face) and there have been times when my heart rate increased momentarily as well, but this was by far the most intense.

(never had that falling feeling b4 tho)

so yea, is all this normal?

never mind… did some reading on the site, guess it is normal

Mods, feel free to delete this thread :razz: