Unable to WBTB-->MILD/WILD?

Hey LD4all forums, I’m finally back after taking a month long break.

I’m having a bit of a problem. I try and set my alarm for about 4-6 hours after I think I’ll fall asleep (this is said to be best for lucid dreaming). I usually go to bed at 9 or so, so this leaves the time frame from 1:00AM - 3:00AM for the “best time” (at least for me) to get up to do MILD/WILD.

Well… here’s the problem. I’ve found that I “unconsciously” get up and turn my alarm off. Then I’m unable to do a technique, because I end up getting up later than my intended time. I’ve even tried setting my alarm TWICE, with the second time going off only a minute after the first (figuring that will wake me up). I also thought that my body would adjust as if it were my REAL alarm waking me up for school. I set it for a week straight, but to no avail.

Of course, with only a week left of school, the simple solution to my problem would be to use naps instead. And I would do that. It’s just that I cannot take naps. I just can’t. I tried during April vacation, even tried napping without the intent of a lucid dream, and it still didn’t work.

I’ve never been one to nap, so I find it near impossible. I can’t honestly think of a time where I’ve ever had a nap, except after experiencing jet lag.

Is there any solution for me? Because the way I see it, I’m stuck. I can’t figure out what technique is right for me if I can’t ever get a chance to try them. :bored:

In all honesty try moving the alarm across the room! i used to do this with my school alarm…moving it helped alot.


Thanks! I’ll try that tonight!

alright gluck :slight_smile:

if that does not work maybe try autosuggestion for you to physically wake up when the alarm goes off. that helps me a lot lately now that i share a room with others and have to use the vibrate function on my phone xD