Hello, I have never done Lucid dream, but there is something I would like to try, and I want to know if it is possible.
Can we talk to our unconscious in our dreams ? For example to retrieve lost memories or things like that ?

You can access long forgotten memories from your unconscious in a lucid dream. Now how you go about that may be the tricky part. Maybe just when you see a door tell yourself that behind the door will be your distant past or childhood. Then go through the door expecting to be in the past or just expect to find a time machine around the next corner and hop in or shout out to the dream to form into a memory from your past

You could also go with a more direct approach option, though it may not be available to you at the moment…

Right now, my subconscious has a physical manifestation in my dreams, but that is due to growing up with the belief of another entity present in my life. I eventually concluded that this entity was my subconscious and labeled her that way. In this way, i’ve convinced myself to represent my subconscious as her. (she wasn’t always represented this way… i crafted my dreams to do this)

There are several other entities that i’ve attributed to different aspects of myself, and when in question, I can conjure up that specific entity and recieve council from them… An example is, that for many years of my life, i was having night-terrors, or deep non-material nightmares that just filled me with terror, and i’d even have waking hallucinations of creatures crawling up my bed, and biting me in the ear, even after I had already woken up…

I called for one of these entities for aid, and asked her why I was having these nightmares, and she responded with a single sentence that both explained to me why, aswell as what i should do to get rid of it… The result was me cutting my hair, and ever since, i have only had one or two nightmares, in the past 2 years.

It is very possible to speak to your subconscious. But the way of doing it may vary from person to person, but i think ultimately, the best way is to find some way that is very convincing to both you, and your subconscious (for me, it was attributing my subconscious with an entity, and we all know both consciously and subconsciously, that entities can communicate).

Just a quick note on the topic of the unconscious/subconscious. What is our subconsciousness really? I mean, it seems so strange as almost another person in us. And where does the subconscious end, how deep it is?

I had an conversation with my uncle some years back. As he is an artist, he was very suprised to hear that the subconscious has been associated with the moon and the feminine, as he had made several pictures, both of the moon and of himself as a female character.

Who really knows? It could be associated with anything, from person to person.
To me, it’s who we truely are. Our deeper self, beyond what our physical body defines us. Some people may have a bipolar opposite belief, in that it’s the core function of our body and brain no further than biochemistry.

I have a very deep connection with my subconsciousness. So much that it helps me even in the dream scene, by letting me control whatever i wish whenever i feel the need to. To the point that even when i’m not fully lucid, or even am, and I have doubts of being able to accomplish something, like flying, or breathing under water, it aids in making that happen regardless. Ultimately, i feel like it’s simply just us… Us, unchained by material influences like biochemistry, or what we know based on what we understand with our physical perceptions.

I have no doubt there’s more to us than just chemicals and physical material. Whatever that “more” is, is what i believe our subconscious is.

I think nobody knows much about what this “more” is. We understand physical properties, but how these can give rise to consciousness is a mystery. I believe there are also a case for saying that consciousness is unbound by the physical processes.

PS! I see that you are a fellow Chronicler, yay!