uncontrollable hysterical laughter

sometimes i’ll have a dream, or usually, be in some sort of process of not quite dreaming yet… and i’ll start laughing, and the laughter will echo in my head like, thousands and thousands of people laughing… sometimes i won’t be able to stop laughing… i’ll be in hysterics, sometimes falling to the dream floor (if i’m in a dream) and…

it feels like it isn’t me that is doing the laughing… like i find something marginally funny enough to briefly laugh but then it just goes on auto-pilot.

it’s really weird… it has something to do with falling asleep…

I remember when I had surgery, the nurses told me I laughed a lot while I was under sleeping gas, but I thought they were lying to me and refused to believe it (as a kid, you aren’t go to believe you did something if you don’t remember it)…

I don’t know… I don’t really understand it… sometimes something that isn’t very funny gets into my head while I’m falling asleep, and I’ll start automatically laughing, I don’t want to laugh, becuase it keeps me from falling asleep, but I can’t help it.

In a dream I had last night, which was kind of a WILD… I imagined a woman in my room, felt her presence, which started the process of me entering a dream… and I’m not sure what kind of perspective I had, becuase it felt first person, but I kind of remember it in third person.

But I had my back to the tv, facing toward my pillow… and someone appeared and stabbed me in the back, and at first it scared me… but I realized it was a dream… I think it partially woke me up, then I went back, got stabbed again… and the laughing started… I think I fell to the floor.

One time I had an OBE and did the same thing, fell to the floor laughing uncontrollably, it almost didn’t feel like I was doing it… and I was asking my subconscious if it likes to laugh… it said yes.

Have any of you gone through anything like this? It usually isn’t an enjoyable laughter, like I am laughing… it’s like something else is laughing through me.

I used to have this too, when I was really little - an evil man laughing at me as I woke up from a nightmare, or sometimes even just randomly in the middle of the night.

Everything point to sleeping paralisis(SP).Wird things can happen when we`re on the edge of a dream.Some people see demons,some mysterious shadows,others see dead relatives…and some just have it your way:)
Those visions are often accompanied by voices,even smells.
When it happens its your mind switching to sleep mode…moving between conciousness and subcounciousness(damn what an evil words:) takes some revelations:)
take care:)

i know weirdness is to be expected from SP but I mean… why would I be laughing? It’s not hearing someone laugh, it’s me that’s doing it, and I know I’m doing it, but I don’t usually know why…

maybe it’s like getting high or something? But I don’t remember parts of it since I’m falling asleep? Or maybe it’s like when you have a thought and it causes a lot of other thoughts to pop up (while fallinlg asleep) well the laugh just triggers another chain reaction of laughs due to… some sort of neural pathways or something?

Hmm… it’s really odd.

I can kinda relate to this laughing. Many of my LDs are triggered by disturbing imagery and I often become lucid after or while confronting something that in real life I don’t believe in. When I do this I find myself laughing, but as you said it’s not a joyful laughter, it’s a manic crazy laugh that seems to be there just to reassure me that I’m on top of things (if you could call that reassurance, but it is, in a weird kinda way). As a side note, when I was younger I was staying around a friends place and he told me that early that morning I had suddenly sat up and just started laughing softly to myself. I have absolutely no recollection of this, and it’s possible he was just pulling my leg, but he never did admit to it and the thought of it still makes my skin crawl.


maybe we have some sort of evil genius gene?