Unexplained Childhood Memories

Do you have any weird memories from your childhood that you can’t really explain? I’m sure most people have some weird memories from their childhood that don’t really fit in with anything else.

I’ll post some of the more complicated ones later, but to start off, I have this weird memory from when I was younger about a clown being in my bathroom. It was most definitely a dream, but still… a pretty weird dream to have as a very young kid. :tongue:

I remember a toy very clearly. It had light blue fur, and needed batteries. The batteries went in the toy’s belly, and there was a little orange ribbon sticking out to make removing them easier. I had that toy when I was maybe 3 years old. Nobody else remembers it.

My brother has a couple more interesting ones. He can remember brightly coloured lights in the sky, just floating around at night. He also has a memory of being attacked by birds, but that could technically happen…the seagulls around here are quite aggressive.

YES! I remember watching an fantasy tv show with my dad, but found out years later that he doesn’t remember anything like the show I described and I couldn’t find the show anywhere online.

It was a show about a regular doctor leaving his wife and daughter and ending up in a fantasy world with no way back. He encountered man-sized bees, flying castles and stuff like that, but never made it back.

I’m so glad Miu made this! We were talking about strange childhood memories and she said she would make a topic so we could share there. :content:

Mine is super weird, because it’s a weird memory that my family says never happened:

I am about 4-7 years old, (an estimate based on the house I remember being in). It is breakfast and I refuse to drink orange juice (because yuck), and I hate eating eggs so I refuse to do so. And then when the toast comes out slightly burnt I get upset and refuse to it eat, too. My Dad gets mad and says there must be something wrong with me because I won’t eat perfectly good food and demands my mum take me to the hospital.

And then I remember sitting on a hospital bed, and a nice young man comes and asks me about my life. He asks me if I have siblings, and I tell them I have two sisters so he asks their ages and I tell him that, too. I even remember this was the bed closest to an archway and that there was either a white machine or table nearby, and I could see others doctors milling about. After the Doctor spoke to me, I recall overhearing him tell my mother (behind the curtain he had drawn around the bed), that I was fine and he couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

So yep. Super weird. I also recalled my grandmother was over for breakfast that day, and when I asked her about this she said she remembered it, but my sisters told me she was humouring me and didn’t fully understand because of the language barrier.

I never asked my father about it, and my mother denies it ever happening. Which is super frustrating because, due to how much I insist this is a true event, now whenever I say something my sisters don’t remember they tell me I’m “making up the past again”. They do that until someone else confirms I’m right, even though I’m right about 99% of the time.

I think it is weird how we can have these memories that no one else remembers. Sometimes I look back and wonder if they are just dreams, but then I realise it doesn’t feel like recalling a dream. So I just don’t get it. I hope to get to the bottom of it one day! :woah:

Most of my childhood memories I don’t trust due to my past with amnesia, but there is one that I trust more than any other.

I remember having a dream when I wouldn’t have been older that 5 or 6. In the dream, I climbed to the top of a hill and there was a lookout tower there. there was a small gift shop on the bottom of the tower where I had a look around at the things sold before climbing the spiral steps in the centre of the tower to the top. At the time it was just a dream, but many years later I found that tower IRL, and it was just how I remember it in my dream.

It’s fairly well-known that adults have almost no memory of early childhood, and the things they think they remember are mostly false memories.

I have absolutely zero memory of the time we went on holiday in Belgium. I’m told we had a good time. While there, we bought a jar of honey that was in an opaque white ceramic jar with blue markings. I can remember the jar, because we kept the jar after we’d eaten the honey, and I can recall seeing the jar when I was older (i.e. old enough that I can recall memories from that time).

I am about four or five years old. We have just moved into our new house. I am either in the new house or a workshop in my parents’ place of work. There is small sawn block of wood on the floor.

Well, it could be true. There almost certainly were left over pieces of wood from the carpentry when we had the house fitted out before we moved in.

I am in the bar in the student’s union bar at the local university. My father is with me. He asks me what I would like to drink. Non-alcoholic implied, obviously. I would like a glass of tomato juice – there are bottles of juice on a lower shelf behind the bar – but I can’t think of the words to express it.

Well, it could be true. The place certainly exists, and I think it would have allowed a minor accompanied by their parent to have a non-alcoholic drink.

I’ll snip the details, but my first sexual memory (from when I’m older than the above memories, so from an age where memories are typically reliable) seems to have impossible elements. I suspect it’s at least partly false.