Unique or weird moments in your dreams?

What are some things that stand out to you from your dream journal?

Some of mine are:

  • I flew an airship in 3 different dreams that were weeks apart. In the third dream the airship was shot down and I never saw it again. Is my dreamworld persistent? It’s possible some elements are persistent.

  • I’ve had dreams where someone is narrating the events, sometimes spoiling future events. Once the voice said that I would drop into a pool full of killer whales and die, but I avoided the pool thanks to the narrator’s warning.

  • In two dreams I heard a stranger’s voice in my head, giving me advice. In the first dream I was on railroad tracks and I was stuck. Train was coming and I was starting to panic. The voice told me “This is a dream, that train can’t hurt you.” and I calmed down. (Didn’t make me lucid though.) The train went over me and vanished. In another dream I was on a ship and monsters attacked it. I jumped off the ship and the sea was full of floating football-sized spiky creatures releasing spores. A voice told me “Go underwater or you die to the spores.” Since he helped me in a previous dream, I dived.

All of these are from a while back. I was reading my old dream journals. I would love to meet the person whose voice I heard, or at least find out what happened to him.

Anyway, share your unique or weird moments! :happy:

To write down the weirdest or unique moments is a cool idea^^

I’d say one of my weirdest dreams was when I got into a fight with an old guy who tried to kill me. He injured me fatally and I managed to kill him. I died and when I woke up I was a zombie :happy: :happy: I felt free, I could do what I wanted (no, I didn’t do bad things, I actually just walked around). I couldn’t die anymore and that was in that dream a relieve :smile:

Another interesting moment I had just a few days ago. I became lucid and lost lucidity later. Then I met an older woman who wanted to talk to me very badly. I tried to avoid her but I couldn’t so I gave up and talked to her. She was the one who remind me that I’m just dreaming and wanted to know what I was dreaming before and what it could mean. I’ve never became lucid because a DC told before or tried to analyse a dream with me :happy: That was pretty cool actually :smile:

I hope others will write some weird or unique moments here down too :happy:

Best regards
Nate :tongue:

There were so many weird things, I don’t know where to start! :happy:

I’d have to re-read my dream journals for some specific things, but here’s just a few:

  1. This one’s very recent: Zombies have linen bags over their heads, tied at their necks with thick ropes. This happened in multiple dreams and I have no idea where I picked it up.
  2. I also had narration in my dreams, and sometimes I chose not to follow it and to do something else, which would break the flow of the dream and result in something new. This was very fulfilling, especially when it stopped nightmares.
  3. This one is… odd… but rapists and murderers often wear those one-piece male swimming suits in my dreams. The ones that go all the way up to the shoulders (don’t know the word in English).
  4. Water and glass often feel like gel or static electricity. Swimming feels so good and safe (I’m scared of deep water).
  5. Surges of power, due to becoming a vampire, getting an amazing weapon or similar, feel insanely good, like nothing from the waking life.

@Nate: Damn. I’ve never been a zombie in a dream. That feeling of freedom though, I know how that feels. And helpful DCs are awesome! I’ve had a few who helped me become lucid. What makes them different from other DCs, why did they want to help? A bit mysterious.

@En’enra: Solid list of weirdness. :happy: Do #4 and #5 happen in non-lucid dreams too? I’ve had one experience with glass while lucid. I jumped through a window and the glass didn’t break. It came off the frame, encased me and froze midair, trapping me inside.

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Second dream originally set in same scene. Felt like the ‘dream worker DCs’ came in to change the venue. :tongue:

A couple that spring to mind:

  • Being a mouse and father of 7 kids. (Have none in RL yet.) I get a message that Thorn is coming to visit the UK, and at first wonder how he will get into our tiny mouse home… before recalling that he is an excellent shapeshifter and will no doubt be able to shrink down.

-Taking the Mod 1 motorcycle test (which is a bunch of manoeuvers on a test pad). After entering the test pad, the bike gets knocked over by a rampaging rhino. So I jump onto the rhino to complete the rest of the test, wondering if they will let this count and still give me a licence. :lol:

Yup, they do! And what happened to you sounds very creative. :content:

One thing I mentioned somewhere already – Dream characters often basically tell me that their “world” is constant, and I’m just an explorer. So when I leave the dream, I leave that world and its residents to live with the consequences of my actions. Although, in some cases the consequence of me leaving the dream world would be its total disappearance.

One of the most singular, incredible experiences for me is this gushing feeling of exquisite waves of energy and intensity moving through my body upon seeing these liquid, ever moving/ever changing, fractalizing abstractions of colored light moving through black space. The sensation is utterly indescribable, and I long to experience it again. Soon, hopefully!

Wow :lol:

That sounds incredible! Good luck!

I need to have a chat like that with my dream characters.

I think, DC’s are a reflection of a part of us :smile: A part of me wanted to explore my current feelings so badly that a DC was created who expressed this desire. I contacted myself I’d say :happy: It’s like… you multiply yourself and interact with yourself.

And the last weird thing I dreamt was about men who had no faces :eh: Instead of faces there were mouths. Does anybody of you know “Cabin in the Woods”? It’s a funny horror film and that films shows a monster called sugarplum fairy with a lamprey mouth. The men I dreamt of had the same non-face face :happy:

I had a dream that was a cross between Dante’s Inferno, George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, Ghost in the Shell, and a video game like Half-Life. The bit at the end where we’ve got down to the lowest level of Hell and Thorn (in his dragon-winged form) is cosplaying as Satan was awesome. (No offense meant to Thorn; I think the implication of the dream is that he’s Game Master of the roleplaying game session).

Also cool was the dream where I’ve arrived at a temple, and you make a ritual offering to the temple by putting a coin in the slot of what looks like an arcade cabinet; metal balls (like in Pachinko) are released. and as they fall they break light beams. The order in which the light beams are broken determines a hexagram from the I Ching, which is printed out on a slip of paper by the machine (a bit like omikuji). This was so like something out of a Philip K. Dick novel.

I also liked the one where I saw a tiger in an enchanted forest.