Unlocking the subconscious

I have been having lucid dreams since about 8 years now. Even though I have less control over them now than I used to have earlier, I can still differentiate the dream from the real world. Thus, I can clearly observe my mind creating a world without me thinking about it consciously. In this state, I constantly marvel at the mind while it subconsciously forges a reality in the most creative ways. I used to wonder if this is actually the creativity of the brain or is it just the replaying of something which I experienced in the real world. So I started to note down things which I experienced in the dream and looked it up on the internet. But I couldn’t find them anywhere. For example, my mind played a song in my dream and believe me, it would have been in the billboard hot 100 if it was a real song. I wanted to check if my mind made it up or it just played the song from my memory. So I remembered the lyrics and googled it when I woke up and there was no such song in the real world. I don’t know much about music but subconsciously I created one of the best songs and that too in a very short time. Now I am beginning to think that by perfecting the lucid dreaming technique, I will potentially be able to tap into the subconscious and achieve levels of creativity which otherwise would be impossible. Has anyone thought of this before? And can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to approach it?

I think art and music is always an interesting topic in dreams. It is possible that the subconscious is spinning it up on the fly, or it might be picking segments or aspects from existing works that you have heard. To make it even more interesting, some of the ‘real’ aspects that it may be pulling from, might just be incorrectly remembered to start. Additionally, I believe it may be that because you tend to have a different mindset while dreaming, what you find fully enjoyable may vary from waking life.

At any rate, yes, people do frequently try to use dreams (whether lucid or not) as inspiration for real art/music. For example, I’ve heard some of The Beatles’ songs and a lot of Edgar Allen Poe’s poetry was created from or inspired by dreams. More locally, the Fruits Of Lucidity subforum is made exactly for this type of dream-inspired artwork.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of advice on how to meaningfully tap into that creativity on demand. At least for me, I would start by focusing on getting my dream recall as vivid and detailed as possible. But that’s me personally, and I almost never remember dream song lyrics after waking up :tongue:

Hello zdreamer12,

We are always encouraging to dream about art because we know that dreams can be a valuable source of inspiration.

[spoiler]However, I must also point that we could be biased while dreaming! We might find some things to be better than they really are. Not a problem itself, because we can appreciate the experience. Just keep this in mind while trying to use your dream inspiration for real life art.
I hope this helps.

@Ysim, I was so curious that I left the dream and kept on repeating the lyrics until I woke up. If I was a musician, maybe I could have reproduced the song too :smile:
As you suggested, I will try to remember the experiences more clearly and try to recreate it. Maybe I will get a clue from there

@Tggtt, I am aware that our sense of quality is a bit distorted in dreams, but I think, in a semi dream like state, you are judging the dream elements from the real world standards. The song I was talking about, I got sufficient time to analyze it. I was able to identify the song style and draw comparisons to actual songs and artists, all while I was in the dream. Still, I am not completely rejecting the possibility that I was biased. There will be more clarity after few more dreams. I will dream a rap song this time so I can judge it on better standards :happy:

I’ve dreamed of songs before, and they haven’t really ended up so ‘special’. I’d like to have an ability like yours!!! though really i’m happy with my dream recall already :smile:

Still, I think you should consider writing that song. And selling it too. You may just end up strickin’ it RICH! :o