Unstable dreams


First of all, i’m not new to lucid dreaming, but i have only just started paying extremely close attention to WILDs.

I decided i would give it a shot, and did a full WBTB with mantras and magnesium spray. After laying there for about an hour and a half, i decided to quit as i had school the next day, and tried to go to sleep. When i did manage to get to sleep, i started having dreams about trying to WILD, which eventually led to me getting lucid.

This lucid was extremely different from all my other ones. The colours were kind of dull, even when i went to heaven, which was otherwise extremely pretty (i highly recommend climbing ‘the stairway to heaven:wink: ). On top of this, i suffered from IMMENSE dream blindness, and i had at least 30 (no exaggeration) false awakenings. Every time i would fight off the dream blindness and begin to see, it would come back as soon as i moved or looked around. Whenever i tried to do ANYTHING, false awakening.

I’ve been thinking as to why this might have happened, and have some ideas, but i would really like to know an outside perspective.

I think it could possibly be that i was quite ticked off that it hadn’t worked, and kinda scared that i wouldnt get to sleep, so some of that emotion might have carried through.

other than that, i have no idea.
any input would be much appreciated


I also suffer from blindness and unstableness in the lucid dreams where I try to “render” extremely big objects or especially spectacular scenes. I wonder if it comes from an expectation that the subconscious isn’t able to “render” those scenes. In a lucid dream, we often get exactly what we expect!

Strong emotions of any kind is a classic enemy of lucidity. It can be a good idea to spend a moment to just look at your surroundings, take a breath and feel your feet on the ground. I have had success with focusing on a sensory impression from within the dream, usually my own voice.

I hope any of this can help a bit.

Well that’s the thing,
usually i cope REALLY well with rendering spectacular scenes
especially views from high places (e.g. flying over a cityscape)
and my vision actually increases

the weird thing (which i forgot to mention, sorry) is that the way that i found to get my vision back the best was going over to one of the balconies in heaven and looking out at the spectacular view. This made my vision return and become quite vivid, but as soon as i turned around and walked away, it would either cloud over with HI, or i would have another false awakening.

I think i’m going to peg this one on my annoyance towards ‘failing’ my WBTB (even though it did cause me to have a DILD) because it seems like the most viable option.

thanks :happy:

Ah, it’s the problem I always struggle with. Your case is very interesting; I’ve never heard of so many FA’s in one night’s sleep. (Dreaming about trying to lucid dream is pretty amusing and ironic, isn’t it?)

Did your lucidity increase with these FA’s? Did you anticipate them?

yeah, usually i only get 1 or do FAs (though i usually fall for them :neutral: )

it was really strange. It was like the only place that i could fully use all my senses was in my false awakenings. I didn’t really anticipate them, they just happened. maybe i anticipated them a bit towards the end because they happened so much in that dream?
definateluy not at the start though. :confused:

I feel your pain. I just experienced a very unpleasant FA after a lucid dream this morning. (The details are personal, but it was definitely an outbreak of some hidden sadness.)

For some reason, I can’t get “always RC upon waking up” though my head.

Sometimes I use sticky notes to remind myself, but of course they aren’t always there in the dream, when I actually need them.

yeah, i get what you mean. I hit the snooze button at least 15 times every morning. If only i could stay conscious when i roll back over, i would be ROLLING in tiny lucid dreams. I guess it’s just a habit thing, like everything in lucid dreaming. You do it enough times, and persist, it will eventually happen naturally.

I’m FINALLY starting to get to that point wiht my RCs.
I’m pretty happy about that. :happy:

That’s great. I’ve allowed myself to fall out of practice in that regard.


it’s pretty hard to stay motivated
probably the hardest thing about LDing in general
so easy to just fall back into the whole
“i don’t need to do my WILD tonight, let’s just go back to sleep”