unusual dream titles

What funny/strange dream titles do you have in your dream journal? I don’t always title my dreams so I don’t have too many that are unusual…some of mine are “normal” but others are a tad weird (at least to me)…please share your weird ones! And no embellishing or editing, use your actual titles that you wrote in your DJ! :content:

Here are mine:

“Neck Beard”

“Baby Powder Mouth”

“Cat Fridge”

and the best for last…

“The Should’ve Been Lucid Giant Praying Mantis Pot Yard Sale Dream”


linky to that dream? :dream:

/me loves “Nalalaland” but that isn’t a dream of mine :tongue:

here are a few titles from more recent months
Self-Existing Moon
~ Unseen Orgy
~ The Tower LD - SILD ( stuffy induced LD )
~ Toilets, Toilets, Toilets Part 1

Overtone Moon
~ Where are the bees? :tongue:

Rhythmic Moon
~ Become the Fire

Resonant Moon
~ Lord of The Baubles
~ Smilie Overload
~ Pre-lucid - Torture by Telephone
~ Toilets, Toilets, Toilets Part 5

Galactic Moon
~ DCs in Black
~ The Task Force or Q’s :ebil: Drink :razz:
~ Here Be Werewolves

The dreams in my old IRL book have titles…these are translated from norwegian.

“Crime story from Trondheim”
“The typical bus dream”
“The sack with the gross thing”
“This door should be locked”
“The joy of a lucid dream” :cool_laugh:
“Throw out the referee!”
“Super Loop”
“Flowers for the florist”
“The tai chi bike”
“The usual gross stuff”

and my favourite:

“How to make a fish”

I’ve got so many of these.

“In Which My Grandparents Drag Me To A Bee Convention”
“Falling In Love With A Fish”
“Falling In Love With Another Fish And Faeries”
“In Which Everyone Has Bright Hair And I Get Stalked”
“Psychic Doorbells And Fish”
“Ace Lightning As An Unemployed Lawnmower”
“Faeries And Tigers And Laptop Computers, Oh My!”
“Evil Grandma Comes Back From The Dead”
“Magic And Mayhem With A Giant Evil Head”

…and for some REALLY old ones (going back five or six years, here):

“Hell Is Really A Cafe, Genies and Way Too Much Magic”
“Sailor Moon Dream #2 – A Chase And Dodgy Blue Sandwiches”
“Tasty Pencils!”
“Magical Wish-Granting Jelly Rings”
“Maze Obstacle Room, Bird Poo and the Cliffs”

…and a recent one:
“Kiri and Foiling Evil With Adept Stage Prop Management”

No, Q, I don’t have a link to it, I haven’t had the time to put any of my dreams online, but thanks for asking. :content:

I’m so glad I posted this topic because, yes, other people’s dream titles do make me laugh!

My faves so far:
moogle: Toilets, Toilets, Toilets, Parts 1 & 5 :lol: and Where are the bees?
Siiw: The sack with the gross stuff
stormthunder: all of them but in particular Ace Lightning As An Unemployed Lawnmower :tongue:

Thanks for sharing!! I’d love to see more of these from other members so get to posting, everyone! :content:

Unseen orgy LOL

I dont want to read it :wink:

I have one .

Fishy wood stealing snickers ice (or sothing like that in english)

I have one from my DJ:
“Even beds in fancy hotels have fungus growing in them”

This is a great topic, so thanks for coming up with it, Cynster. Should I start embellishing my titles more in the future?

Here are a few of my recent ones…

  • Selling Dirt
  • The Jack Master
  • Taskforce: Bulldozer
  • Cara’s Pussy :love:
  • Wheelchair Lances

Some older ones…

  • Motorcycle Opera
  • Prophetic Remix
  • Disneyzilla
  • Squirt Gun Halves
  • Slats Rematch
  • Parachute Air Mattress
  • Cosby Quicksand

Well, if i gave mine titles i might have had a few strange ones by now. I might start giving them titles now! i’ll just edit them and give the rest titles too…

Steely desks rotten schoolbook !

I found that one in my written DJ !

  • The mutant tomato
  • The enigma of the Crystal Arrow
  • The mad monkey grotto
  • The sect of the Old Bloody Idiots
  • Venus leads the investigation
  • Fish race at the supermarket
  • Onira is phoning!

My faves so far:

Cynster: The Should’ve Been Lucid Giant Praying Mantis Pot Yard Sale Dream :eek:
Moogle: Toilets, Toilets, Toilets Part 5 :happy:
Siiw: How to make a fish :confused:
And all the Stormythundery titles! :happy:

:rofl: Haha, I so want to read that dream now!

Hi Stormthunder, here is a short summary of this very long dream: :wink:

I’m visiting an (unknown IRL) friend. He is very old and a famous man then he’s guarded by the police. But he dies though in strange circumstances. Some old people here begin to worship his corpse and they found a stupid sect. Yet I’m with another friend in the house of this sect and we want to escape. If they discover we are here, they will kill us. But we have the keys which open a side door. We have to wait until the night when they’ll be asleep. My friend hides in a coffin. Then there is a quiproquo between the coffin with my friend inside and a real corpse coffin and my friend’s coffin will be cremated! But eventually it ends very well and we escape. Phew! :content:

The hulk from my DJ is a funny title.

:rofl: This line really cracked me up. The whole thing’s brilliant, though! Are you sure there’s no long version of this dream for me to read? hopeful

OMG! I hoped a summary would be enough… :sad:
OK, I’ll translate it and write it in my forum DJ. But it is very long and I’ve no time for the moment. :neutral:

My dream titles are boring, ive never really thought about being clever, or creative with them like I do with my poems, and songs. I should try it… wait just looking through my DJ, and there are a few good ones… Come to think of it some of these would make good song titles

Horse in the rain

Thermal nuck balls (Thats a enteresting title, that dream was about nuckelar war)

Bruce goes deaf

Underneath me

Lucid in my bedroom

Lucid blunt

Crack in my ear

spinal clinic (This one was a nightmare, about people with sevear spinal deformety)

Chinese man in my clock (My first LD)

Thats about all of my enteresting titles.

This thread intrigues me, now I want to read everyone’s dreams with those titles!

Here’s some of my weirder ones:

“Atleast this isn’t the only balloon in heaven”
“Scarebear and the penguin”
“Mix tapes of salvation”
“Haunted wolf and the revolution kids”
“Vincent Price signing at Apartment World”
“Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones in: The Warehouse”
“Getting a Head in life”
“Alone in the Dark: The Musical”
“I’ll see you on the dark side of Neptune”
“… and so with our math book, we went into the light”
“Toothpaste Gronola Bar”