Unusual irrational fear?

So, last night I semi-woke up during the middle of the night. (Presumably at the end of a REM cycle)
And in my state of being half awake, I tried to imagine myself crawling out of my body hoping to maybe launch an LD or OBE.
When I imagined myself all the way out, standing next to my bed, I felt slightly out-of-body. I tried to solidify this by imagining me turning around and looking at my body that was laying in the bed.
Right when I saw myself, I instantly snapped back into my body, and I was accompanied with a feeling of EXTREME fear, for NO reason whatsoever.
I mean, this was the most afraid I’ve been in my entire life, I was honestly a little worried that I was gonna have a heart-attack.
This might be expected with someone having their first OBE, but I’ve had them since I was a small child, and I never get frightened by the sight of my own body.
Does anybody know what this is? Or what might have caused this?
Has anybody else had a similar experience like this?


As a child, you had only low profile OBE’s, and this one was with high lucidity. The fear never comes out of nowhere, it always has a cause. In your case, like in many’s, you actually realised that you are out of body when you saw your body. Humans live in bodies because they use them as shields against energy fluctuations. When you had the OOBE, you have been exposed and when you saw your body you realised the exposal and pulled yourself back in your body. It was like consciously going in a room full of snakes hoping no one of them will bite you. However, the next such experiences won’t be followed by such fear but you will have to concentrate more in yourself, not to let the energy go away from you.