Up to what point is wrong escaping reality through dreams?

I mean, my real world is a disaster, dysfunctional family, no job, no girl, no nothing.
All i want is to ld forever and ever and escape reality. I have faith in God an all but i mean… Any advice? Am i getting dellusional? :sad:

Maybe there is such way, but I think it would need an extremely experienced LD’er to distort the dream time from the real time. (I mean like: 1 minute of real life time = 3 hours of dream time, etc.)
But seeing as you have some serious troubles, I could say that stress might decrease the chance of having LD-s.
I am no psychologist, but I would say that escaping the reality isn’t always a good idea, I’m sure there are some people who care about you (maybe your relatives?).

First, escaping reality is like making a deal with the devil - it always comes back to you.
Second, I’m sure you have friends.
Third, I am sure you can get a job at something

Given those three basic facts, I’d advise you to start going out with some friends,
To search for a job (And I mean realy search, not like in checking the news to see wether there is something that sounds good, but rather than that to compromise on stuff that are a bit less good for a start) And to mainly improve your life. Yes, just like that - wake up one day, brush your teeth, eat your breakfast - and become a new man. It may not sound simple, but is actually quite is.

Now, If you don’t want to make the change, I’ll tell you where is the border batween enjoying LDs and abtween escaping reality: When you think, all day long, about LDs.

And again, given the fact that you have only one way to escape this is to improve your life, I’d say you do it. Have faith, my friend.

Everyone escapes reality in someway. A good book, or writing one…drawing, thinking…even just looking at random websites and wasting hours on the internet.

But if you’d rather live in a dream world, “dreams in digital” sort of…you might miss out the chances to find that girl, find that job, or do something that makes you not want to escape reality.

Even helping people on this forum, or chatting to someone else, is helpful and beneficial. :smile: I wrote alot about my situation which is irrelevant, but what everyone said already is helpful so ^^

My family isn’t the greatest either very dysfunctional and I have no job at the moment but I’m looking. I wouldn’t give up on reality life in general is hard but escaping from it isn’t the answer. People do escape from reality from time to time but you should never push it away because its your life. All you can do is live it to the best you can push forward and make your life better. Your family might be dysfunctional but that doesn’t stop you from making your life better.

Theres a point were escaping from reality or more to the point your problems only does you more harm than good. I should know I screwed up college by escaping and I’m struggling to find work.

As for girl in your life I’m lucky I have found a person I truely love and you will too things always seem like they never will happen when you are at the bottom of the barrel but at the end of the day that isn’t true thats only what you see and you need to push that view point away and try and make your life better.

Dreams might seem more real right now but thats only because your life at the moment doesn’t seem like much. Try your best and never give up on reality.

Buy The Secret and think your way to a better life. Do-it-yourself existence for only $34.95 plus tax. :twirl:

But on a serious note - :dark: - you sound almost like me, Adventura. (In terms of life likenesses.) Not to get into any details of my own life and turn this entire thread into an invitation for “wangsty” teenage existentialist sob stories, I’ve been speculating this entire LD-life for awhile, myself. (A considerably large factor as to why I write fiction. It’s an escape during the daily life.)

(Excuse me if I ramble at some points…)

Now, you asked “up to what is it wrong to escape reality through dreams?” A lot of people will tell you different or maybe more of the same thing: “when it begins to interfere with your daily life.” I’m here to subvert that and say that it all depends on your morals/ethics. I think the entire prospect of you being delusional or not is purely subjective/relative. Do you think you’re delusional? What’s “delusional,” anyway? There’s really no “on-size-fits-all” definition for it. Your idea of delusional and my idea of delusional are probably two completely different terms. There’s no border, boundary, invisible line, or whatever you want to call it. There’s no breakwall, unless you put one there.

That said, if you want to use your [lucid] dreams purely for escapism, do it. Only you can say what your dreams are for. (Which is probably a reason why no one can tell us what dreams are really for - they’re all trying to find a single, perfect niche for it to fit into, when its placement is ambiguous.)

(This should be in the Beyond Dreaming thread, I think. Maybe Lucid Lounge…) :uh:

But I don’t think I’ve completely answered your question, have I?

Okay, I’ve got a few stories I begun where the first sentence begins in a manner somewhat of: “My life is absolutely fucked…” And then I dash off into a twisted plot of schizotypal nihilist humor. I take a catasrophic success - my life - and totally have fun with it. My existence, my troubles become satirical material for my divine comedy and my stories become a parody of my daily grime - yes, “grime”. (“Turn a frown upside-down.” :sad: --> :smile: As horribly cliché and grating that sounds on the ears.)

My point is, you have to take something out of your existence - no matter how shoddy it may seem - and do something positive with it. If it’s dreaming forever, then do that. As long as you find it absolutely cool. But, you know, real life is actually pretty awesome itself. (Right now, just revel in the sheer irony that a member who’s username is “Angstyboy” is telling you to be optimistic. :content:) Completely subverting an undesirable life into something useful, to me, is a lot more fulfilling than living an utterly perfect, Pleasantville lifestyle. You know, that absolutely fucked, TV land bullshit that’s on every day. Fuck them. They may make you feel good while you’re watching them, but you’ll feel even more like shit than before once it’s all over and you come to realize the reality of your surroundings.

And everybody’s got a a dysfunctional family in some form or another, Adventura. I have one. Hime has one. Kuro has one. Fate and Twilight have them. They’re just all screwed up in their own respects. But there’s still fun in “dysfunction,” just like I mentioned before. Nothing in life is perfect. (It’s in fact been theorized - maybe even proven - in astrophysics that if the universe was perfect we could not exist.)

No job, huh. I didn’t have on either until just last week. I have my own beliefs about the entire aspect of “work,” but I will say that I have a better sense of self-worth. I don’t even really care much about the money, and I’m not even doing something I absolutely adore, but I am experiencing new things that I can use when I write, or just to joke about among friends. And I’m meeting new people. (Kuro, you don’t need college to find a good job. That’s a myth.) So just find something you really like doing, Adventura, or even something you don’t just for the experience, and work at it. Think first about what you are really good at, then see if you can find any job openings in that field. Of course, you don’t have to work if you don’t want to.

And as for girls, they’re the second greatest mystery of the universe. I went through junior high and high school without them and I’m still alive. (Not that I was happy about that during the time.) But, it’s not like they don’t like you or anything. They just don’t know you. You’re probably way too shy to walk up and talk to a female, right? And then you put your mind through Hell contemplating why they don’t walk up to you first, and you think it’s because you’re a loser and have nothing to offer and no redeeming qualities whatsoever. So you brood in a darkened corner of your living room surrounded by a small banquet of comfort food, wallowing in misery with the world’s smallest violin quartet playing a sad song while you watch some reality show clone… Maybe that’s just an assumption.

Anyway, I’m neurotically introverted. Chronically shy. But, last October I saw this really cute girl on the bus I rode home after class every night. We both rode the same bus and she didn’t seem to know anybody, so I decided to just talk to her one night. And you know, I did most of the talking. She was more shy than I was, but we talked and it was easy as breathing. I felt like I conquered the world at that moment and we talked some more nights. She had a boyfriend already, and while that - I’ll admit - hurt a bit, I didn’t stop living. In fact, the entire time we did talk, I forgot all about my DC girls and crap life, in general. Because I felt like I had a real reason for living. And while nothing happened between us, I at least now know that I can totally walk right up to a girl and start talking to her. (After weighing all possible worst case scenarios, first.)

I still haven’t answered your question, have I? :eh:

Dysfunctional family. While I don’t know the details, and don’t entirely believe counseling helps unless everyone wants it, the harsh truth is: you can’t control other people. Just try to appreciate the good things about them more and find some way of living with the bad. And realize that you’re completely in good company. We all have a dysfunctional family. We just deal with them differently.

No job. It may be nerve-racking at first, but you’ll get a job. I’m totally sure you will. Just be sure it’s something you’re comfortable doing. It doesn’t even have to be now, as long as you’re not absolutely forced to. Customer service may not sound fun, but it is one of the most easiest to get if you really, really need one now. Until then, take the time to hone your talents, you may find a job position to use them. Or…

…No girl. Yeah, I don’t have one of those either - unless dreams and fantasies count. The world’s a “motley bunch,” and while I don’t have a definite answer to this, I can say that women do get easier to talk to once you start. So start. :smile: The worst that can happen is only what you allow them to make you feel.

Think about this, during the day you’re nervous. There’s a girl you want to really talk to, but you deathly fear rejection. But who knows, right? It could work out. But what if it doesn’t? Then you need a “wingman.” Your wingman can be anything - it doesn’t have to be an actual friend that tags along for emotional support. A wingman just has to be a backdoor, an escape route or fire exit for the sould purpose of if things get bad. It has to be something that can completely overshadow the worst of a situation. So, you like dreaming? Make that your wingman. She may spurn you, but you can always look forward to an LD that night. And always make sure to bring a handy dandy sense of humor --> :lol: available at most Wal-Marts.

There’s a little of advice, I guess. I might’ve missed some points, but I’ll post them later when I catch them.

So, are you delusional?

  1. No. Not at all. :no:
  2. Yes, you most certainly are. We all are, and that’s what makes it so cool. So embrace your inner insanity. :ebil:

Pick whichever one you like better. :ok:

When I first started using techniques to induce lucid dreams, I became addicted to it and used it as an escape because I had so much crap in my life that I just didn’t want to deal with. I was so messed up, so depressed, and I also have a very, very dysfunctional family where everyone except my mom needs psychiatric help (mental illness runs in my family). Escaping can be a good thing… temporarily.

What you really need to do is find some meaning to your life. Focus on the good. Yeah, it can be really hard to see. It always is. Be thankful for the things you do have. I know it sounds corny but it’s the truth. You’ll live a very miserable life if you always focus on the negative. Escaping is only avoiding the problem and not dealing with it.

Great response,
Thanks really for the advice :smile: , i find myself more down-to-earth. It’s just that when under stress you REALLY want to escape but YES that’s life isn’t it?.

Right now i don’t have much time to write BUT just thanks really, in these times what we need is this, people helping you put your feet on earth. :happy:

AH! and you L Angstyboy!, Thanks for the big advice too, you seem to be a writer aren’t you? and i choose #2 :tongue:

I will be perfectly honest, I have the same issues as you Sueno. Dysfunctional family, no girl, all that jazz. I don’t stress it, no matter how dysfunctional, I refuse to miss another minute with my family, they won’t always be there for you to escape from. So I want to make a suggestion, ok? Dream Yoga, in other words, being in the moment. It takes practice, but believe me, it dramatically shifts the way you think and deal with emotional situations. Life seems to flow, like water no matter what kind of shift takes place. Ones family could split apart, and the child that does this particular yoga wouldn’t be affected a great deal.

I may sound like bullshit, but you will never know the blissful state if you don’t make the choice to try it. It can be hard at first, especially if you have a lot of things you want to do during the day, specifically addicting things. Like video games. :content: Now I am just sounding like a dynamic nerd, well maybe I am… After all, sterio types are nothing more than a variable in this life, which is an overall dream.

All of the pain you feel, is ego. Believe it or not, the lack in social area’s, your family, no girlfriend, it is ALL ego… This can all be fixed, and not by any religious belief. You can maintain your beliefs in anything, God, Jesus… This has nothing to do with rituals or praying. It is pure being in the moment, just look those words up, thats all it is. Let me suggest a few links for you. Remember, your in no way alone bro.

What your ego is and how to stop it from obscuring your inner peace and unconditional love

Tibetan Dream Yoga (this is not religious, it is based on focusing, being in the moment.

How to stay in this moment

I recommend you read all three of these links, the Tibetan yoga is optional but very useful for lucid dreaming particularly.

The secret, look at it dubunked, like it should be. :content:

The secret law of attraction is bullshit

Live in the moment brother, its the best choice with no regrets guarenteed.

Thanks for the links Inker :smile: , i’ll watch them later on. I agree w/ you in being in the moment, but it’s hard. :neutral:

It seems Inker beat me to suggesting being in the moment. Life’s too short to worry about.
And don’t worry about using dreams as escapsim. Mentally, you’re not in reality anyway when you’re dreaming. If you get obsessed with it in the daytime, it’s probably because you don’t have much on your plate anyway right? Might as well have a hobby. And dreams are always there in the night. Other than that, use your judgement!

Just my opinion, from my personal experiences, escaping reality is only really wrong when you lose complete track of reality when you come back, because we all have to come back and face reality sooner or later.

And the later you come back, the more it hurts.
There is a typo in your signature

It’s true, but i now that i analyze it, it still good to use dreams not as an escape but like any other hobby.

Yeah, it is very difficult. I myself haven’t totally devoted to it… I will soon enough, its just better that way, it allows for clear reasoning and all. Ah, and I apologise if I insulted anyone when I said the secret is bullshit, my fault. Some may not have a tough stomache for insults, so I hope you didn’t take it too hard. That being said, let me suggest everyone looks into it, all aspects as a matter of fact. Don’t take it for what it seems at first, but do some hard research before trying it.

Don’t worry Inker,
But let’s keep this a Secret… :content:

Regarding that, I read the book and watched the film. The film is ethically “deplorable,” fixating on a narrow range of middle-class concerns: houses, cars, vacations, followed by health and relationships, with the rest of humanity a very distant sixth.

It took the well-worn ideas of some self-help gurus, customized them for the profoundly lazy, [and] gave them a veneer of mysticism…

You create the universe as you go along, basically, which to me, at this point, is perfectly useless bullshit that gives way to a multitude of paradoxes, if it was even remotely the case.

Make The Secret even half truth and the lot of us would find ourselves overrun by hundreds of millions of scociopathic, id-driven children à la Lord of the Flies.

Now excuse me whilst I devoutly follow The Secret, in secret…

[size=59]Which is sarcasm, btw.[/size] :neutral:

Hi AventuradeSueno,

I don’t know what are exactly your problems but I see you’re just 21. At the same age, I had no job and no girl neither. There are some times when life looks like a disaster. This is particularly the case when you’re crossing a crisis, when your old way of life sounds like wrong and you still don’t know what to expect from the future.

So, first, don’t despair. Even if you don’t see where you’re going, the situation will probably sort itself out. You say you believe in God, it’s a good thing and it can help you to go through this crisis. You can ask Him for help, for a more peaceful mind and a lighter heart for instance.

Now I don’t think it’s even possible to escape reality through LD’ing. LD’ing requires motivation and efforts. In a certain way, someone who would feel he has no more the strength to face reality would certainly not have the strength to induce many LD’s. If he really had no more motivation IRL, he wouldn’t have any for dreams. I don’t believe in this story of escaping reality through LD’s.

is true Basilus,
what is the point to escape reality through lds when dreams are meant to be the connected w/ reality.

I think at the very core of the issue is the one fundamental difference between real life and dreams, no matter how many existential mazes you decide to look for nonexistent cheese in: in real life, there are other people who are affected by your actions and who affect your actions, but when you dream, you are alone. You usually don’t feel alone–you meet DCs and so forth–but you’re alone. You’re interacting with figments of your own amazing imagination.

If you shift your priorities entirely toward dreams–an understandable desire in your predicament–you’re in effect giving the real world the finger, with its real people who feel things just as much as you do. You’re retreating into your own brain. It may feel like a sheltered, fun place…but the real world isn’t going to go away. In fact, even if you go completely insane and no longer experience the real world, it’s still there.

All that being said, I really do understand where you’re coming from. Those push-pull factors can be huge. But if you ask me, dreams should be a fun way for you to escape–temporarily. When you’re in the real world, it needs to be about the real world, and about doing your best to fix the problems when possible. I know it’s WAY easier said than done, but the people in your life are real. The ones in your dreams are not.

Good luck! :sad: