URGENT WARNING!!!(mail virus)


Mail virus floating about, explaining a car game, attached is a “msn_pwstealer.rar” file. Delete it on sight!

(I’m serious. I even got that mail myself, through a friend of mine, because it mails itself.)

d0h, obvious it’s called “msn password stealer.rar” for god’s sake:p :confused:

See! MSN…there is always something :tongue:

LMAO. Does make it kind of obvious it’s not something you want to play around with.

Personally I just had all attachments blocked by default on Outlook, but i’ve never had problems since switching to Thunderbird.

IMO you have to be daft as a doorknob if you open unknown attachments from unknown senders :lol:

I always scan everything I download, even if its from a trusted site, and I never download anything I’m not sure of, cause spending an hour virus hunting around my hard drive isn’t fun.

Same here…