Last night I had a dream that should have been so obvious. Im really pissed i didn’t get lucid because there were so many messed up things. A hat i usually wear thats blue was white and two places that are on different sides of my city were right next door. I should have known!! Anyways, i just want to know what was the most obvious dream you ever had? :grrr:

Well I know what you mean about the two city things being close. I was in my school one time and when i went upstairs it was the upstairs of my house with my room. It was really cool, I was so happy that I wasn’t at school, that at first I didn’t realize what just happened, but a second later I was like hey wait, and i became lucid for a very short time but it wore off quickly and i woke up.

I do RC 's with my digital watch. In a Dream I looked at my watch and it said “Your Dreaming”.

I had a dream where i actualy said to myselve " no worry its just a dream", and i continued dreaming non LD.

I had a dream shorlty after i got home from a trip to ohio. And in my dream i was at a party in my house in floridia. and everybody i had seen in ohio were there. I asked them what they were doing there and no one answered me. I didn’t even have to do a reallity check. But most of my dreams are low level lucid dreams anyway. After noticing this odd occurance it simply knocked me up to a higher level of lucidity. At which point i got over excited and woke up shortly after.

Same, except I said It doesnt matter, its just a dream.

Yeah…in one dream i said “THIS IS AN DREAM”!
and evrything started to be black and i wake up :sad:

When I get chased by anyone or anything i think something along the lines of “no worries, im dreaming, i can wake up” I forget to think to LD and usually end up waking myself up when the pursuit gets too scary for me to handle

This seems to be really common. Last night I was at the beach in my dreams and, for some reason this almost always happens at my dream beaches, the waves were getting bigger and bigger with each wave and began reaching tidal wave heights. Well, last night I actually thought to myself… “The waves are getting bigger… this always happens in my dreams.” Yet… nada.

Oh well… maybe the more we talk about these missed oppurtunities and read others’ experiences, the greater our chance to recognize the oppurtunity before its lost.

My most “obvious” dream to this date:

I am standing in a park/playground. Suddenly I hear this really loud song coming from nowhere :

Do a reality check now.
Do a reality check,
La la la laaa la la…

Of course, I didn’t bother doing a reality check :tongue:

I have a habbit of doing this. It’s almost a reflex to shake myself awake if in a bad dream.

A while ago I spent all evening thinking of ideas for a RC and decided to try clocks. That night my dream included atleast 6 mentions of the time and it was quite vivid as well but I didn’t realise :grrr:

I hate that , when you notice something that always occurs in your dreams, but you do nothing about it. Ive even said like LostBoy “this always happens in my dreams” but didnt go lucid…arghh!

Thats very convienient lol. I wish my RC’s were that obvious.

my most obvious dream ,which i woke up from and cursed myself for not becoming lucid, was a dream in which chandeleir was hanging from the sky… :cry: