Use of DMAE in the induction of lucid Dreams

I keep finding references online to a paper (scientific study) about the use of DMAE to help induce lucid dreams ~ for instance:


… but I’m not sure how to go about finding the complete article (without paying to register with PubMed) ~ anyone know anything about what this article actually says (conclusions etc)? Or even any experience of using DMAE?

Thanks in advance for any replies… :cool:

I thought it was a part of expensive cosmetic products etc.? I have seen a search function for public domain scientific articles somewhere, but I can’t remember the URL.

I think the theory is that DMAE breaks down into choline (a form of choline which easily crosses the blood-brain barrier), which then gets converted into Acetylcholine.

Acetylcholine is the neurotransmitter associated with dreaming (or atleast, with REM sleep), and with memory, etc.

I’ve read a few reports (online) about people experiencing vivid dreams using DMAE (see for instance or ), but I’m not sure if this is just a few people or if it’s a common effect? :eh:

actually you can find the paper here: … 20DMAE.pdf

I’ve had some experiences with DMAE…
My impression is, that when taken for a while I just get lucid, I simply “know that I am dreaming” without any RC or dreamsign.

The disadvantage in my case seems to be: it creates crazy, unstable LDs.

Dreaming itself seems to be boosted a lot after higher doses. But taking too much can make it hard to fall asleep.

Cool! :cool:

I spent ages searching for that online & kept getting linked back to the PubMed abstract all the time. Thanks for that lucidus!! :smile:

I bought some online about a week ago, I took one tab (of 351mg DMAE Bitatrate, 130mg ‘pure’/ actual DMAE) and felt really jittery/ wired (I took this in the morning so I could check the effects) for most of the day. Cutting the tablets in half had much the same effect too.

Finally (yesterday) I crunched up half a dozen DMAE tabs & mixed them up with some lecithin, in sort of measured amounts (so that 1 teaspoon = approx 36mg actual DMAE). This morning (about 5pm, so intending to go back to sleep again) I took half a teaspoon of this mixture mixed with some orange juice, and still ended up feeling vaguely wired/ jittery for most of the day… :tongue:

Anyway, I did experience a pre-LD (actually quite an interesting one) the first night after taking DMAE, I looked @ my hands, thought “This is a dream … all this is in my head” & tried to fly (without actually becoming anywhere near really fully conscious or self-aware), which I feel was down to the DMAE, but may have been coincidence/ placebo? :eh:

I’m not sure whether to persist with really small amounts of this every morning for a couple of weeks or so (to see if my body adjusts to the DMAE, & to see the effects), or give it a rest for now… ?

I am taking this 351mg tab daily now in the morning and cannot notice any negative effects.

Since I started taking them, I no longer have the usual afternoon lazyness at work after having lunch.

My olfactory senses are quite improved now, I can smell flowers, sometimes even when they are across the street. My skin has a slight sourly taste, but maybe this keeps mosquitos away :happy:

But generally you can say, I start beginning to feel somehow “energized” during daytime. Lucid dreams I had a few, but I still suspect that dream stability suffers a bit, but I may be wrong.

A couple of months ago I had most unusual success with a DMAE / Ginkgo Biloba combination from “Life Extension” which also includes Panthothenic Acid and a couple of other things. Those pills were simply amazing when taken in overdoses (e.g. 5 ones before bed): I had very vivid dreams and in the morning had almost complete recollections of all REM phases of the night! Furthermore, my memory was greatly improved! I listened to a song during my way to work, later wrote down some lines of the lyrics at work! Especially memorization of numbers was a lot better then.

A kind of disadvantage was, that my mental “processing speed” was somehow “accelerated”. I could “think faster” but got impatient very quickly when others stayed at their normal speed :wink: A dangerous thing when driving a car :happy:

Unfortunately I could not recreate this success with one DMAE product and another Gingko Biloba product (taken in combination) after that. It must have something to do with the other ingredients or that special formula. Maybe I try this Life Extension stuff out again someday, but it is rather expensive and hard to get here in Germany…

I did a search & found the caps I think you’re referring to (“Life Extension, DMAE Ginkgo Caps”).

Each cap contains:

Thiamin (B1) ~ 10mg
Riboflavin (B2) ~ 10mg
Niacin (B3) ~ 10mg
Pantothenic Acid (B5) ~ 80mg
Ginkgo ~ 60mg
DMAE ~ 100mg (Bitartrate)
Inositol ~ 25mg

The B vits (especially the B5), DMAE & Inositol would have combined to give you an Acetylcholine boost (longer REM sleep, better short term memory), while the Ginkgo would have increased your ’lucidity’, awareness and recall. Well that’s my interpretation anyway. :cool:

I can see how that would work (especially multiplying the above doses by 5, i.e. taking 5 caps in one go). Shame I can’t take DMAE without feeling like I’m on a combintion of caffeine & speed though. I guess I just don’t tolerate ‘stimulants’ (of any sort) very well? :eh:

Yes, those are exactly the ones I took.

Maybe my overall low blood pressure does not make me feel like on high doses of caffeine after taking larger amounts of DMAE :wink:

OK, I have to admit: when taking too much of it, I often experience muscle tenseness in the neck and also have problems falling asleep (if I take them too early before bed).

I am very much interested in what exactly is responsible for the astonishing effects of those pills… Maybe Inositol as well, I have never experimented with it alone.

About your overreaction to DMAE: In that case doctors usually suggest increasing the dosage slowly over a certain period of time. Start e.g. with 50 mg daily and go up to 350 over a few weeks. Maybe you can take it a lot easier then?

Yeah that’s what I thought … either that or just use it occasionally (in small amounts), for instance for WBtB?

The blood pressure thing is quite interesting, I even feel kinda ‘buzzy’ sometimes if I take B5 (i.e. 100-200mg) so I guess I just have a low tolerance to any kind of ‘stimulant’. (Actually, I read somewhere that too much choline/ Acetylcholine can make you feel buzzy & anxious, by overstimulating your parasympathetic nervous system or something, so I guess that’s something to be careful of … :eh: )

Has anyone used the supplement DMAE for dream recal or extremely vivid dreams? I heard its more sufficent then the Vitamin B6. And because of the vividness, its easier to become lucid.

What happens if we mix DMAE Ginkgo caps with Vitamin B6 right before bed?


I’ve been doing some experiments with DMAE that’s why I was asking. I will def post some information, I have a couple different types of DMAE and Vitamin B pills and am experimenting with different dosages and different combinations. The DMAE pills I have are both the Bitartrate and the Ginkgo caps from Life Extension if anyone else can further comment on them.

After a couple weeks of usage and experimenting with different dosages, I can confirm that it does infact affect the vividness(and stability) of dreams.

It seems lower dosages over a couple of days period produces more consistent results without really any stability issues(vivid normal dreams, excellent dream recall, more lucid dreams simply by the fact that my mind reconizes just the overall feel of the dreamstate kinda hard to explain but not something I noticed well at all before DMAE) and the times when I decide to try a couple of DMAE pills right before bed I have EXTREMELY vivid dreams, so vivid that it feels like I’m already lucid… hard to explain but for me my dreams are always some what hazy until the fact that I realize I’m lucid, then I just reach such a clarity that it’s as real as can be but until that point it’s just not up to par, but with DMAE I’ve had dreams that are just as clear the entire time even if I only have a ND.

What’s most interesting is the fact that it’s in fact so vivid that I’ve had dreams where I’ve struggled for what seems like hours trying to figure out if it’s a dream or reality. I’d be fully aware of my surroundings and realize how out of wack and how ridiculous the situations and the way things look are but many of my RC checks would fail and I’d continue on without control yet still noticing everything is strange and ALL while the same thought of “I really freaking think this is a dream!” is on my mind the entire time. I don’t know if this has anything to do with the ‘dream instability’ people have discussed but it’s not an experience I normally have.

DMAE also claims to lengthen REM periods, maybe that’s why my dreams also seem MUCH longer. Usually I have dreams that seem like they’re 20 minutes long (LD or not) but I’ve really had some dreams that seem like hours without even trying to extend them. I think maybe part of this is because my subconscious isn’t exactly used to the lengthened REM periods that it just draws out and feels that way… I dunno, maybe it’ll settle back to normal but I guess all I’m saying is there is def some instability in some areas but they’re not necessarily bad depending on the user.

I can also say it has helped me recognize the separate REM cycles better. Overall yes I’ve had more LD’s thanks to DMAE and I think that’s want people want to hear more than anything.


This. Sounds awesome o_o Thats all I can say. I’m getting some for sure x.o I love you all for bringing this to my attention xD

You might want to have a look at possible side effects before deciding to take that. See this link: … d=21390#P5

They even mention one woman developed tardive dyskinesia after long-term use. … kiid=21835
It’s probably not enjoyable to have that the rest of your life.