Using lucidity to imrpove real life skills?

Hi. I was wondering if anybody uses lucid dreams to practice skills to use when awake. This is something which LaBerge mentions in Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming. I’m quite interested in this idea but as I’ve never had what I’d call a proper lucid dream I don’t know how effective the practice would be. I’m thinking of things like speaking infront of an audience - this is something that I am terrible at as I get stupidly nervous. Has anybody purposely dreamt of public speaking in preperation for an actual event? If so did this help when you actually came to do it? Or has anybody practiced anything else and found that it helped them when they really came to do it? I’m so interested in this aspect of lucidity and hopefully (if I ever get there!) I’d be able to put lots of things to the test. I’ll be thankful for any information that people can give me.

Happy New Year! :smile:

I use practicing quite often in Lucid Dreams. I hav eused it to practice verything from skiing to public speaking.

It works very effectivly to practice in a Lucid dream. I believe it works so well because to your brain and to a lesser extent your body, your dreamed actions are real.

It can work extremly well with public speaking because it boosts your confidence, becuase your not afrid of the dream characters and you do your speech excelllently and this improves your confidence

Thanks for the reply. I would be so pleased if I could practice public speaking in a lucid dream and the be able to speak confidently when awake. At the moment I can’t stand speaking infront of people, I just get so nervous and feel completely stupid.

The main thing I’d like to use lucid dreaming for is practicing my instruments. I’ve read somewhere before (in LaBerge EWLD) that somebody took a piece of music that they couldn’t play and practiced it in a lucid dream - playing it perfectly infront of a audience. When they next tried to play it whilst they were awake they found that they could play it. If it’s that effective then that would certainly be very useful. Are there any musicians who’ve tried this and found that it’s worked?

Please let me know of any other activities which have been practiced in lucid dreams and imroved in waking life. :content:

I am a musician and this does work excellently for me.

Thanks again for your swift reply. Does the practice in dreams improve your technique like playing faster or playing difficult pasages? I find it so amazing that this works - I just wish that I could lucid dream!

Yes it most certainally can and will. I have sight read a piece in an LD and played it perfetly and when I woke up I played itquite well.

I’m surprised that reading music can be done in an LD, since written stuff gets transformed so easily. I think doing something over and over in an LD would help improve your confidence so you could do better at it.

It is funny, but for me if I do a little bit of math, after I get it going (at first it is tough) the changing things have a tendency to stabalize in my dreams. If anyone knows why please tell me.

i managed to jump on some cdj’s in a dream, started to beatmatch but woke up. Thing is in a dream even when lucid i reckon it would match magically or wont at all. I have also heard tunes that i’ve heard months before, liked but forgot about, they sound awsome in dreams.

My main interest is music. I used to do a lot of composing, not a lot recenty and I’ve occasionally dreamt of small pieces of music that don’t exist in real life. Never got as far as practising though, not much in real life either :roll:

hehe, damn, when i start to have LDs i’m gonna freestyle my ass of, i really suck at it now and people that doesn’t even rap are better than me, and another cool thing i’m gonna do is to jam with BB King, the master himself

one question though: can you write texts, does the text change when you turn your head? :confused:

it would be great if i could practise hearing in my LD, because I can’t sing anything it sounds so bad

I use LDs to practice street magic. Ive actually watched tricks being preformed over and over than when I went to bed I tried then and was able to pull them off. After about 5 nights in a row i have them ready to preform. Actually now that I think about I found this site because I was on a magic forum and someone mentioned learning a flourish in their dream.

Intersting idea, but what do you meen by street magic?

learning in a dream…I think in a dream you can just practise but not really learn something…but, on the other hand, no limits in LDs :content:

A popular technique used by athletes is to visualize an activity before doing it. The downhill skier who visualizes the course, each turn, before actuauly racing.

Experiments have shown that visualizing an activity in great detail can equal the skills learned from actually doing the same activity. That is why it’s so popular with athletes.

You can quickly see the application in Lucid Dreaming.

These ideas are good. I dn’t no if this drawback has been mentioned, but you can’t read in a LD easily. It takes practice.

Street magic is basically magic you preform for anyone anywhere. It includes card sleights, coin tricks, fire, leviation, mentalism, and bascially anything magical you can do to a random person you walk up to on the street. Right now im sure some of you probably know who David Blaine and what he does or well used to do was street magic. Now hes just a stuntman and a hypocrite but lemmie get off that subject before i get carried away.

Some scientist did research (don’t know how) awhile ago that lead them to the conclusion that doing something in a dream (not neccersarily a LD) can improve that aspect in RL (the example i heard was if you were to dream you were working out or doing something physical when you wake up your muscle mass would have increased) wierd huh?

I highly doubt you can make yourself physically stronger just because of a dream. Your muscles have no resistance when you are sleeping, so the most you could do would be to flex them over and over, and this wouldnt build much muscle mass at all =/