Using Precog dreams to try change the future?

I don’t think this is possible.

So, lets say you had a precog dream about the lottery. You saw yourself, in your dream, losing, but saw the numbers on screen. You would automaticly know you were going to forget these numbers, or lose them because you watched the furture you lose. If you were going to win, then surley you would see yourself win.

Thus, if you see your self in the furture in a dream, you cannot change that future because your dream has to display what you will do, and if you changed the future, this surley would effect you memories of watching the dream, as you change the dream.

Does anybody understand what I’m on about?

But you might have seen one possible future, or it might not be a future at all :content:

How can you see a possible future? If you are actually looking at the future then whatever you will do (after seeing the future) will always result in the future you saw.

If you see a possible future, it can’t be actuaully seeing the future, we would not remember anything we did to change the future, because if I effected anything, my memories of watching the future would be altered. (which we are asuming that precog dreams do for this perpous).

Simularly, you can’t use this idea to kill your grand father and not exist, because time machines aren’t invented yet, and if you could use precog to change the future (which I don’t think you can), then it would only be in your upcoming future to where you are (the present) now.

Firstly, I don’t think precog dreams actually happen at all ever. Secondly, I understand what you mean. Presuming we had an accurate way of predicting the future, and you used it to see the winning lottery numbers, then the fact that you did would mean that you went down a different path to the one you foresaw, so it would change… something. Or something. It all made sense to me a couple of seconds ago, I’m sure.

So (if precognitive dreams really foresee the future), you could use this to change your reality to one you like, but you wouldn’t remember it.

I understood everything except that last post. the “but you wouldn’t remember it” part.

Firstly i don’t believe in precog dreams. And if you can’t change the future why have them? It wouldn’t make you more prepared for the event unless it showed the future you being prepared because it knew what was going to happen, if you understand what i’m saying

Secondly, if precog dreams do exist then why can’t there be dreams with a possible future, the future that would exist had you not seen it in the dream. Like clarkkent said.

Ok, its like this.

Precog dreams may or may not exist as we know them. But there is a possibilty that you could know the lottery numbers, and actually use them to win the lottery in the future. But this didnt mean you changed the future. All you did was realise that your precog dream which had you loosing the lottery but knowing the winning numbers, was look into a possible future where you had lost, then since you knew the possibilitys and chose one based on your dream. You never changed the future. Because the Precog dream never stated that it was a future that was going to happen, its just a possible future, but the numbers are still right, and this is beacuse of the accidental puncture through time into the other dimenson where things work themselves. Giving you a correct possible future. Nothing i ceartain…only that If you could do this and win the lottery, you are my new best friend :smile:

well i dont ask you to belive what i write but i do sak you to keep anopen mind. my precog experinces have been true from waht i have seen but you must first understand somthing. time and choices. these are very imporant factores and i could go about this forever but you need to understand that your choices that you make could have a unlimited number of outcomes. some more likly then others

with precog we may just be seeing the most likly outcome of our choices, but with my experince it is of useless stuff, kinda like waht she is wearing or what the stuff on the board says in class. now this could not have been a moslt likly outcome, it is just too strange a thing.

i mean when i had my dreams they were from last year when i was at high school .now i am at college with a totaly diffrent sourdings and diffrent people. in my dreams i didnt know these people but now thinking back on the dreas i can say who each of the people were or what i was learing in class.

i do think it is possible to see the future through dreams, also without dreams. but i do not like the word psychic it is such a harsh lable saying that it is only open to a certian group of people.

seeing the future could just be seeing a choice that we are going to make and the outcomes. but i also think there is more to it then that


If I have a Pre-Cog dream, when the dream happens IRL I’ll realize it, and no matter how I try to change it, the same stuff still happens. (Like for example, in thats so raven, she sees the future, and tries to change it so it wont happen, but since she changed it, what she saw ends up happening)

I do beleive in precog. dreams since I have had them myself numerous times. I think one fact that should be established is that EVERYONE is psychic to at least some extent. Its just how much you are aware of it and meditate on it. I’m not going to go into detail about that right now though.

I think it that those special dreams that we have display a possible future, not a solid one. I personally do not beleive in Fate. There are some things that may be inevitable, but they can also be altered or prevented before they happen at one time or another. Since we all have our own free will, we makes millions of choices throughout our lives. As time progresses our future develops, but at the same time choices we didn’t make become forgotten futures that never came into existence. That is most likely the reason that precog. dreams never have 100% accuracy, nor do psychic visions. My point is that the future is never solid until it contacts the present, but there is a slight blur of what is possible to come.

That’s my opinion and I apologize if it makes no sense :happy:

That wouldn’t be seeing the future though! Just a possibility, or a simulation, cleverly (if there is such a word) put together.

I’m saying that if you really could see the block future (not do you beleive you can or not what if it’s a simulation), could you change the future? And with all the feedback I got I concluide yes, but as you change the future, you change your past. This shows a clear link between the future and the past, you can’t change one without changing the other.

But one could look at it differently, if, in the future, you look back, then that is the past, but if you are in the present and are changing the future, you change the past, or rather, your other present, as you watch the future!!!

I will illustarte:

If you jump in a time machine and go to the past, and kill all pork, you change your future, or rather, when you go back to your time period, the present. However, you won’t remember changing your past because you were effected in the past’s future (Your time period’s present).

This also works if you go into the future (using a machine), you will learn things that you did not previously learn. When you go back you will behave differently, do different things and therefore effect the future and the things that you learn there, when you use your time machine. And because the future has now changed your past behind you also changes, as that present (when you used the machine) becomes the past, and you are now in between the past (where you used your machine) and the future (where you “time warrped” to.)

Am I making sense?
Thanks for the feedback thus far.

wow i think my mind has just stopped spinningfrom the past and the future is well… ok i give up.

that is a clever way of thinking about it but that isnt quite right. Why do you say that you would forget it if you went back to the “present time” from the past.

i mean all time travel is is moving through time in either direction faster then normal. backwards well that i dont know how to explain.

But also by going forward and you learn somthing it wont affect your actions. There are some laws that say that the future is set, there for that is why we can travle to it. so even if we go ther and come back we cant change what is going to happen, and even if we try it will still happen it might just take a diffrent rroad but the effect will still be the same.

ok i think i just lost my self


Is a precog dream a dream where you see the future? If so I had one. I fogot to had in my english assingment. And was like arrrggh. That was my dream. So all this time all day I’m like thinking about it and then at lunch I forget. get in class arrrggh. I forgot to give it in. That was IRL.

If you go into the future, from your present, (despite any laws) and you see yourself getting killed, you can then go back to your present and latter on avoid that death, but because you change the “road” that you can take, you then change what you saw in the future, and this will have a knock on effect, you might go back to the road where you saw yourself die, or take another new road.

I don’t see (by logic) what stops us from effecting our future, even if we don’t remember effecting it (because we effected the future that we saw).

If you goto the past, you will not effect your present, because the future you has already been there and effected it for you, so you are infact effecting your present’s past you.

If you have a Pregog of the future, you see yourself get killed. You avoid this road, but you then chage what you saw, and thus don’t remember changing your fate.

Have I missed your point?

Sounds like it to me, cool.

Yes, and there’s good news if you could really foresee yourself playing the lottery.

Let’s say you pick the lottery number 001 in the future. You see this in a dream and see yourself losing, so you decide to choose lottery number 002.

However, when you choose lottery number 002, you’ve changed your future. So when you had your dream, instead of seeing 001, you saw 002 because you’ve changed the past!

So you never dreamed you saw 001. You dream you see 002, but that’s another loser, so that day you decide to play 003. That’s a loser, and you change your past again…

Eventually, you would see in a dream that 687 was a loser, so you decide to play 688. It wins! But you’ve changed your past again, so you never really dreamed losing 687. Instead ,you dreamt that you played 688 and won. So in real life that day, you decide (of course) to fulfill the future you saw and you won with 688.

So you would win the lottery every time!

The bad news is, what if you made a mistake and went into an endless loop?

You kill your grand father, you were never born, so you didn’t kill him, so you are alive, but then you kill him etc

I once saw a show on TV where a gambler used a hidden device to go back in time just a few minutes so he could always end up on top of a poker hand. Like if the person was going to beat him, he went back in time to fold, or if the person drew better cards, he would go back in time to bet a lot to get the guy to fold before drawing the good cards.

Eventually the gambler came up against another gambler (who owned the casino) who was also using a time-travel device. They go up against each other, and after the casino owner goes back in time, he really nails the gambler. The gambler’s about to go back in time, but the casino owner has his mafia-style guards destroy the gambler’s device.

My thought was, what if the gambler succeeded in going back in time, and neither of them knew the other had a time-travel device? They would keep playing each other over and over again, not realizing that they were going back in forth in time because the other guy was changing his moves. Would the entire universe get stuck in time because of them?

Yes. It’s like one of these stargate episodes where the acients have built a trime machine, but it malfunctions and someone is trying to work it. Without knowing, he made it repeat for 3 months without sucess, this effect all the other planets.

But Tilc and o’neil wern’t effect being inside the protective barrier before the time loop.