Using sex as a trigger

Well as an average 15 year old boy, I often dream about sex (every other night) but haven’t experienced it in real life. Let me explain my dreams a bit. Perhaps if you’re easily offended or sensitive to sexually-related material, you shouldn’t read this.

Normally in my sex dreams I actually get the deed or some form of it done. The funny thing is, every single time I’ll have the though “Ah finally I’m having sex in real life, and not dreaming like all those other times”. I sometimes even go as far as to think “is this a dream?” but my dream self concludes that it can’t be, since it’s so real. Normally my sex dreams aren’t outrageous, ie, no pink elephants or anything. It’s crazy that I don’t just slam into lucidity, but my dream self just dismisses it and goes on with the deed. This has led me to wet dreams 2 or 3 times.

My question is: how can I learn to associate myself having sex to dreaming, if I can’t do reality checks or whatever during sex in real life (considering I have none)?

One way could be to imagine the dreams taking place in your head and then visualize yourself becoming lucid at a certain point. You can also do RC:s every time you think about sex. You don’t need to actually have sex to do a RC. I don’t think you would want to stop in the middle of the act just to look at your hands or whatever anyway :tongue:

I think sexual acts are a good way to induce lucid dreaming. I mean, most of us wake up with a morning glory (females excluded!).

Once, rather strangely, i had a FA and rolled around a bit to realise there was a girl on top of me, playing with my hair and trying to kiss me. It turned out to be a friend of mine (whom i don’t really have any sexual attraction), however i found it quite interesting to kiss her sensually within the dream which became a little lucid (as it was first person and i was aware of it) but then i conciously decided that since that was the state of conciousness that I was in, that it was dishonourable to use the image of a person for sexual gratification. I dont think sexual thoughts are bad at all, in fact quite healthy, but the realism within the lucidity meant that i felt like i was sort of dream-using her for sex and thus i terminated the dream.

Every time you thinks sex, you think, is this a dream. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

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It seems that when you have a sex dream, you reach a prelucidity level since you ask yourself if you’re dreaming or not. I completely agree with Larry Boy, the only way to fully realize in a dream that you’re dreaming is performing a reality check… but in such a situation, it’s not easy at all. :bored:

I hardly imagine how you could pinch your nose and try to breathe through, or look at your watch, or stretch your finger or try to make it go through a wall or your other palm! :happy:

But you can try to stare at any object and it is likely to change soon. Or have a brief look at it and look again a few seconds later. Some mental RC’s are not very commonly performed by dreamers, but they can work too. For instance, try to reckon 7*12, or to remember what happened a few minutes ago.

In my opinion, suggesting yourself that next time you have sex, you’ll realize it’s a dream, or planifying IRL some act to do when you’ll find yourself in this situation has some chances to make you lucid too.

Good luck! :smile:

Be careful. Just in case. Maybe you aren’t dreaming,
Boy, that mustn’t be good. :no:

:ebil: :ebil: :ebil:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. Man, am I glad that I’m past 15 :smile: when we get all the complications of sex without the actual fun).

I agree with Chilla; doing RC whenever you’re thinking of sex is probably the best way. The good thing is that you know that you’ll dream of sex often, so as soon as you made the habitual connection sex - RC, you have a good chance of getting lucid.

(Of course, at some point the sex - RC connection could cause problems. :smile: )