Using spike mats to help WILD

In 2009 the spike mat ( was voted the number 1 christmas gift. I got one for christmas and it really helps relaxing every single muscle in your body.

What you do is you lay down on the spike mat and relax for about 20 minutes, when you get up you’ll feel completely refreshed, so I was thinking you could use this to achieve one of the most crucial steps in WILD - complete relaxation.

If you do possess a spike mat, I suggest you lay on it for about 20 minutes before going to bed. If my suggestion really works (I haven’t tried it yet) you’ll most likely save a lot of time while trying to relax.

If you own a spike mat, try it! If you don’t, you should really get one. They’re really cheap, usually around $15 or so, and they really relieve negative stress!

Just thought I’d share my idea with you guys :smile: I’ll try it out tonight and come back later with results! :smile: