using ur imagination/visualisation will help u to LD 4 long

Try this:

Before bed for atleast 15mins sitting upright. Imagine urself in a field or park see everything in an expanded awareness meaning see the entire landscape, the sky.
Now look out as if ur actually there which means u have a sense of being there. Walk around aswell. soon u will realise that ur actually fully in ur imagination and probably will easily come back to ur room. when this happens push ur focus back into ur imagination. The longer u can stay there the better. I once stayed there for 15 minutes and felt incredible. Not to mention had 3 ld’s that very week and two of them were 5-10 minutes long with incredible clarity - first time looking at the sky and interacting with people outdoors aswell.
Just the act of doing this will make u feel incredible. and ld’s will last longer

I’ve done this quite a few times before, it’s pretty amazing. It’s really cool how you sorta zoom back into your room again. I’ve never tried this for WILD though. It’s like when I’m attempting WILD I seem to just keep myself too alert.

Thanks that actually sounds like a great idea!!! But sometimes if I try to lose myself in my imagination I can’t do it. But I am the type of person that will be caught up in my imagination so much during the day but I will definitely try this.

Oh and if I’m lost in my imagination would it help to think of LD stuff while I’m there?

I’ll try this tonight, thanks. :smile:

IALD = Imagination-Assisted Lucid Dreaming? :happy:

i actually did this the other night and got the closest ive ever gotten to WILD

I’ve used this for two nights so far and I’ve achieved my first LD last night. :smile: I’m not sure if it was because of this method, but I’m pretty sure it was. :happy:

Gey guys i’m really happy some of you have got results.

IALD - lol good one Toast. I’m syked that you have had your first LD.

Here is something else to try. While your in your imagination grab things. You can grab anything. Using muscular sensory movement really helps. I remember i was in an Ld once and i was about to wake up then i put my hands on a marble bench which helped me stay in the dream for another 5 minutes.

Imagine driving a car or climbing a bridge. (anything) Continue doing the above stuff though it’s the best i think to see your whole landscape and place yourself in the middle.
And yes Rhett why not. once there say things like i’m dreaming and keep walking around in your imagination. The trick is to stay there as long as you can.

Can’t wait to hear more from you guys :smile:

P.S altheman9993 - it is really cool when u zoom back into ur room - it’s quite an experience actually.

Rhett - trouble with imagination? Visualise your room then pretend your waking in it like you normally would, then try to experience it first hand - that should do the trick.
Once you can do that you can do anything. anywhere (in your imagination) …

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Alright thanks for the info, i’m not sure if i already said this but, when people are talking to me, i always get lost in my imagination and realize what i’m doing, but vice versa when i try and get lost, i can’t