Using VR Head set to create Desired Dreams

Hello everyone I’ve been working on this idea for a while and thought i share it with others. So here is the basic Idea.

The basic idea of the project is to use a VR headset to help create a focused dream induction system.
The objective is to increase the lucidity rate and give the dreamer a guided control over their dreams content.

Through the use of a mix of visuals and audio

By taking images of things you like to have happen and see in your dreams
you create a guided dream induction slideshow with audio that is based on a mix of subliminal suggestion of popular dream mantras and meditative / binary beats.

It can also be done without the audio too.

I have found a simple android app that allows me to achieve this at least visually and I just my audio player to play the audio when wanted.

If more people are interested in learning more I can share more details how I personal set it up and can even offer up dream mantra sayings that can be added directly to to the image that you like use.

thanks for reading and look forward to chatting more on this topic.