i found this article that says that V8 increases dream vividness and recall!
cool!! my mom will be happy and i might get more LD’s, it is perfect! :yay::yay::yay:

Let me know if it works for you.

The thought of drinking V8 is making me nauseated. :neutral:

Ugh. I hate the taste of V8. Drinking tomato juice just isn’t a good beverage to me.

whenever my friend from work drinks he has a craving for V8 the day after.

me? i can’t stand the stuff. How can you eat that? ick.

Tomatoes are great, especially with salt.

Something good with salt a tasty juice does not make

now, if we mean juice with some tomato juice in it, then that’s a different story.

uhhh just hearing that name of the drink gives me a weird feeling in my mouth eww im getting it right now :grrr: . It does have a lot of vitamin b6 in it so it should work :smile:
Let us know how it goes

Really? I love the taste of V8…tomatoey goodness

EWWW :content:

I’ve tasted V8 before and while I’m no big fan of it… I don’t think it really tastes all that bad. o___o

I’d rather drink motor oil from a V8 engine! :bored:

What about V8 Splash?

GROSS. I am going to have to find another source of B6…ugh.

poink Coulda had a V8.

…In all seriousness I hate the stuff.

i couldve had a v8! :ack:
:rofl: i couldnt resist

sounds cool, what about the pomagranate fusion type. i dont like normal v8

The only kind of V8 I’ve had was the originial. One time I didn’t remember tasting V8 before when I actually had and I drank it and remembered how horrible it was.

Now if it has pomegranate then I will definitely drink it. I love that stuff.

Last time i went to America i had V8. But it wasn’t the tomato one, it was the tropical one, splash or something.

Interesting… I have always found V8 to be a little on the salty side for my taste. Now “Mott’s Garden Cocktail” I find to taste better in my humble opinion.

I actually had a sip of my friend’s strawberry-kiwi V8 at lunch today, and it was so much better than the original stuff. I’m gonna have to get my mommy to buy V8 now!

anybody tried this to success yet ?
otherwise , just get yourself some bananas (or vitamin pills if you want it the head-through-wall way :razz: )

Tuna is also a great source of b6