Valerian Root + B6 + Melatonin + Gingko Biloba

Has anyone tried this combination? I did it last night and had some strange OEVs, but my sleep was dreamless. I remember standing in my kitchen and watching the walls shift and contort. =/

Should I try again tonight?

I took 2 caps of Vitamin B12 and woke up during the night to find my staircase and kitchen glowing and sparkling like the peak of a mushroom trip

I tried the same combination again last night and had similar effects. Oddly, none of them seem to affect my dreams.

If i was to tell possibile best mix for lds this would be what you have there.Maybe try to play with the dosages a bit,i believe the ingredients are right.

Kava seems to compliment this combination nicely. I took Kava along with the combination last night and had some crazy dreams.

EDIT: Megadosing all five tonight. Will report results.

any news yet?

I had four consecutive lucid dreams last night. Amazing! :smile:

I took 10g valerian, 5mg melatonin, 1g b-6, 1.5g ginko biloba, 2g kava. I’m going to lay off the supplements and herbs for a few nights before trying again.

B6 seems to negatively affect the quality of my sleep. I woke up at four last night feeling just awful. I’m going to try the combination again tonight without B6.

How do you know it is B6? I never had such issues with it. Perhaps it might even be the combination of substances, or some random awfullness which happens now and then (or any combination of factors).

B6 usually wakes me up during the night. When I took a single 200mg B6 capsule, I woke up feeling very confused and my limbs ached.

Just a tip: Gingko Biloba and Gotu Kola help your dream recall greatly. Using them in conjunction, I have been able to recall four or five dreams consistently.

200 mg b6 is way too much anyway, I would assume that this dosage affected your sleep in a bad way. When I experimented with B6, I toke 8 - 16 mg (combined with some other B vitamins), and that worked like a charm.

I’ve never seen a B6 supplement of only 16mg. I only have 50 and 200mgs, which seems to be the standard doses.

Well in Holland actually the daily advised dosage is 8 mg, so they sell pills in that format. It is said that high dosages are pretty dangerous to your nervous system …

[edit: I researched a bit more and currently they advise to stay under 100 mg a day with b6 vitamins to keep it safe and healthy]

I’ve been taking 50mg B6 supplements for five years. :confused:

where do you guys get these things, especially valerian root/kava? (most pharmacies have melatonin and probably the vitamins)

are there any retail stores that might have them? Ordering online is a hassle.

i saw a coffee at wal-mart called “kava” but it didn’t say it contained kava kavaa so… i didn’t buy it…

I buy my supplements from the local health food store. They also carry Kava/Valerian/Gotu Kola teas and capsules. These aren’t “exotic,” so you should be able to find them at any large health store.

Beware, however, this combination is a bit narcotic.

I find that too much Gota Kola actually works as a dream inhibitor. To be sure, I experimented three nights in a row. When I drank three cups, extra strong, before bed, I had both difficult falling asleep and a harsh, dreamless sleep. I woke up feeling groggy.

Too much of any of these supplements is bad, I say. More is not always better.