Validity of RCs per person

How well do RCs work for you?

  • There is at least one RC that almost never works.
  • All my RCs almost never fail.

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We have discussed that certain reality checks don’t apply to some people, and I think it would be interesting to know how many people there is at least one reality check that doesn’t apply to them versus the people where all reality checks apply.

Examples of failed reality checks would be looking at the same text twice and having it not change or counting your fingers and counting five on both hands.

I used to look at my hands fairly often, but it was as a stabilization technique instead of a reality check. So they looked completely normal. Maybe if I had counted my fingers it would have messed them up.

just my 2 cents but, I think this poll needs a third option - “I have at least one RC that almost never fails.”

personally the majority of RCs fail or succeed at a whim for me, but one RC, the light ball/energy ball RC has yet to fail me - even the few near fails (didn’t work as intended) gave enough evidence of the ball to show it was a dream.

The rc I commonly use is flipping a light switch. If I flip a light switch in a dream the light always comes on red. If I ask a dream character to do it it will come on normally. Otherwise I try calling a rat, if I’m dreaming and I say “xena” (that’s the name of my favorite pet rat, a large albino)she will always appear in a dream.

I always use words and to see if I am dreaming and it has worked every time I have done it.
One time I looked at my hands in a dream and saw bubbles but didnt relize that I was dreaming.

the light switch reality check never works for me, lights always work as usual. The check that always works for me is to touch glass. If I’m dreaming and I’m purposely doing an rc it will push in like plastic. The weird thing is, if I’m NOT doing a reality check, glass is normal, like if I pick up a glass of water it won’t bend or anything, I have to purposely be doing a check.

i know flying nver works for me, i mean as a rt, well i real life ofcourse it dont work but in the dream i think i have adotped teh attuide of “i cant fly”

but my finger through my hand works and the words work as well. really just doing a rt is usally enough to become lucid. even if i do not get proof. ie. hand doesnt go through wall or writing doesnt change.


There is one RC that always work for me. I draw a circle in the air with my finger. If I’m dreaming, the circle will glow. I can then go through the circle to another world or another time. I never know where I will come out. :smile:

No reality check works for me that well, i tend to rely on dreamsigns. Tornadoes are good dreamsigns for me. :bored:

So far counting fingers have always worked for me, if I remember to do it that is. I haven’t really tried using any other RC’s so I don’t know if they work for me.

Most RC work for me. Sometimes my best RC, staring at your ahdns to see if they go wrong, fails. But I always have a backup one, and if I still doubt the realness of the reality, I do two or three more.

Overall Reality checks don’t fail, exept for the writing RC, where I can both read, and look at etxt over again so far without it going wrong. But I havn’t had a good chance to study text in LDs.

Lights never turn on for me. I usually have to command them on, and end up shouting at them untill they do.

for me it’s not so much the RCs failing as just me not being aware enough to understand the results… like not noticing that 71:69 is not a real time… or like a clock keeps incrememnting by one each time I look at it, and I don’t catch on…

but the plug your nose and breathe through it is fantastic… i don’t have to hardly move at all when thinking i’ve had an FA and it lets me know right away… though I still usually look at the clock too.

last morning i fell asleep without noticing the transition at all, it was instaneous, but somehow it occured to me to do the nose RC… it was so weird, trying to breathe through a closed nose, and feeling the breath, but feeling it come FROM MY MOUTH INSTEAD… (i was breathing that way in real life i suppose)

that was a really really weird sensation… “okay i’ll breathe in through my closed nose…” and then i feel the breath in my mouth.