Various techniques inside lucid dream

Have you ever tried to visualize colors or symbols inside a lucid dream?
Or just sit and meditate?

I do lots of times visualize colors-
violet sphere arround me for protection- (sometimes wakes me up)
gold sphere arround me- protection-
Pale orange color over the dream scene of over DC- to check if it is his real identity- in 90% entity will dissapear or appear in real form- works also to check if your dream is implanted.

Laser blue color i visualize in order to see the aura and chakras of astral entity.
Sometimes i just sit inside a dream and do mantra’s (om or om namah shivaya). It usually gets me imidiately to another level of dreaming where i get some important knowledge’ for me. Or in the morning i wake up very energized.

I never talked to someone using similar techniques, and would love if someone had similar experiences and stuff to share.

I thought I read this before, but i think that was on Sealife, right?

I have never done this. I have tried to sit and meditate, but that always has woken me up :meh:

How did you discover that the pale orange color will help to check on DC’s?

And the laser blue colors? How have you discovered that that will let you see the aura and chackra’s?
I will have to try that, one of my goals is to see aura’s in a lucid dream. I keep forgetting to do that though :tongue:

Hey :smile:
Yes…i put it on sea life- but i decided to put it here to get more response-

These techniques except the laser blue (blue is also used but in some other ways)

  • are hyperspace techniques that are used in meditation and on astral plane.
    And in physical for protection.
    Orange is color of truth.
    I belive they are channeled from Sirius beings.
    Author of them is Stewart Swerdlow. Books ‘The Healer’s handbook’ and ‘Hyperspace helper’ - i belive thats titles.

So since i had LD’s almost every night, i decided to
check that techniques inside ld’s- and amazing how they actualy worked. Also visualizing symbols- opens doors
to very interesting places.

Laser blue is color i was initiated in a ‘dream’ to be able to use it. It was like i had rememebered it suddenly inside a dream.

Write if you check it out :smile:

interesting! I will have to check out those books. Yes, I will post here if I have tried any of this in a LD :smile: I know that I have used protection techniques in meditation before, but never in LD, unless you count this one:

(full dream here :content: )

ofcourse it counts :smile:
I’ll be posting my dream journal here to - and be more active-

I have long planned to meditate in a dream but never seem to do it. I figure it’s a good time to sit in full lotus wich I can’t do IRL because it hurts my ankles. The problem is I have such a hard time staying still in dreams.

You can fly in lotus :happy: IRL i can’t do lotus either- but in
dreams there are no limits-