verbal commands and teleporting

Had a LD this morning. After flying for a short while, I said out loud “Increase lucidity now!”. Things became more vivid, especially some of the colours. I considered this a success and then tried to teleport to a door in a pub a short distance away using a verbal command again, but nothing happened and in focusing too much on that, I woke myself up.
Any advice - was I trying too hard?

LD powers ACTIVATE!!!

sorry, got caught up in the moment. cool dream though. i’ve never tried teleporting before, but when i run into a block where something doesn’t work, i usually just try something different. like if i lose the ability to fly i might try to control some DCs, and if the DCs dont’ wanna cooperate, i might try to fly :smile:

my philosophy is that if you find yourself putting too much effort into something, you’re probably doing it wrong, so i just try something different shrug

i had this problems!
what helps me, is using tools! yeah… in real wolrd, nothing works ber voice

i use tools like a “beaming machine” - “dimension doors”
when i want to get to another location FAST, i usually create a dimension door, that looks like a wavy mirror, when i step through it, i usually land where i want… sometimes i get out somewhere else, but who cares : )

i think the use of tools can halep you in every situation. like when you want someone to appear at a party… go to a pone and call him, tell him to come

universal remote controls work fine… maybe some “scotty beam me up” command could also work… try it! :cheesy: