verbal commands


 Last night I had a lucid dream where I realised I was dreaming and it looked as real as real life, so at first I got really excited but quickly calmed myself down. Then I tryed to make Jennifer Lopez appear but didn't have much control so i tryed shouting 'lucidity increase' but I couldnt, when you use these commands do you just think them, or try and say them with ur dream mouth as it were  :bored: 

Thanx for any help!


i’m a lucy liu kinda guy myself…

try closing your eyes or looking away when you try to conjure up jennifer lopez. i know sometimes when i try to conjure things up it doesn’t work, but if i look away and expect something to be there when i look back, it usually is. one day i hope to be so advanced that i t doesn’t matter if i look away or not, but until that day…

If you want mopre control in your dream, a good method is to spin around then look at your hands. After that rub your hands together.

It works differently for different people. Some people need to say them, some people just have to think them.

If you want to make somethnig apear, a key thing is to believe it will.

Remember not to force it too much, I have achieved the best results by not summoning in front of me. Try doors, and encounters (on well populated areas), eg. “did I not read Lopez was here this week, wow what a chance I might have in meeting her if I walk down this street.” This way you can also avoid unwellcome family re-unions.

Best Wishes

Yup. believing is the most important part of dreams. Remember always that you can do anything you want to.

Try looking for her. Run around, shouting “Jennifer, where are you??” and maybe you will find her somewhere around a corner :smile: