very interested in lucid dreaming please help

ive been goin thru this forum for a little while and im very very interested in lucid dreaming…could you guys (and gals) give me if possible a step by step guide on the best way to induce a lucid dream…ive been trying to pick out parts from other posts and so far i cant make any sence out of them lol…thanks alot :content:

This should proable go into the BIG Nebie advice topic, as for a good website or materials.
Check the book EWLD out from you’re library

Hope this helps

Well to begin you should probably do the classic Reality Checks. Basically the idea is you check if you’re dreaming alot while awake, and eventually you carry the habit over to your dreams. For more info on Reality Checks you can go to The Big Reality Check Topic.
MILD is a very simple tech too. Its basically convincing your self to remember to remember to realize you’re dreaming. For more info on MILD you can go to The Big MILD Topic.
If you’re a little more agressive you could try WILD which is where one falls alseep consciously. Its usally an amazing experiance. For more on WILD you can go to The Big WILD Topic.
There are several more methods so just look around :smile:. Its also recommended that you dabble a bit in every method to see which fits you best. Good luck!


Also, you have to be able to remember at least one dream a night, or at least that will help a lot. They do make a difference, I havent been recalling very well lately, and I havent had an LD for a long time.