Very odd effect while attempting OBE

I’ve tried OBE’s in the past, mostly through WILD, or trying to induce an OBE through WBTB (waking up then inducing SP without moving, and attempting to separate my “astral body” into the phase).
Although, in my numerous attempts, I’ve had a few strange occurrences. Nothing too serious, at least, nothing too out of the ordinary to seek guidance on. This, however, is an issue I haven’t heard of, but has happened to me at least three times now.

While WILD’ing, I lay down, and at about 30-50 breath counts, depending on how tired/relaxed I am, I can recede my consciousness from my body into my mind, allowing my body to go completely relaxed, and have SP wash over it in about another 20 counts. Now, this is the part that gets a bit strange. Once my consciousness has receded into my mind, I try and relax as much as I can so that my mind begins to slip from its own consciousness, allowing myself to fall asleep very gradually. Nothing new here, that’s the premise of a WILD attempt, however, during this period of time, something strange begins to happen.
All of a sudden, when my mind is slipping through this state, I suddenly get the feeling that I’m spinning. Literally, it feels as if I’m rolling/spinning down a hill, at an incredibly fast pace. My heart rate quickens, my neck feels out of place, and I suddenly feel incredibly uncomfortable, as if my neck is bent at an awkward position even though I’m laying completely straight.
I’ve heard of people getting the sensation that their falling, that’s something I myself have experienced, but this “spinning” sensation is something that feels incredibly uncomfortable, and I usually have to shift my position, ruining the SP, to get it to stop.

Is this simply another form of the “falling” sensation, or something else entirely?

I decided that tonight, when I tried my usual WBTB + WILD/Astral projection attempt, I’d try and induce the same sensation I had felt, and see where it took me.
I’m not sure where it took me, but the sensations were very strange.

Once again, I believe these sensations are normal, after watching a numerous amounts of videos from “astral bob” on youtube, it seems these sensations can be prevalent in those who are newer to OBE’s and astral projections, with varying intensities. When I caught hold of the first sensation, it started like the last one did.
Things seeming to slow down, a sort of “rolling” feeling from within my mind, to the point to where it felt as if my neck started turning all on its’ own. I ignored the urge to move from that given sensation, and chose to ride it out. Soon, that sensation left, and I was met with a new one entirely. Complete weightlessness. It felt like I was floating in midair, like my normal body was sort of left behind, but I was still conscious in the physical reality. After about 7 minutes of this, I slowly began getting a “split mind” effect. I knew I was still lying down in my bed, but in my mind, what I was imagining/seeing was another form entirely. I spent quite some time in this stage, with a few other sensations coming and going, but ultimately, I didn’t manage to achieve astral projection due to the position I was laying in. At least now I know a method of achieving the split-mind effect that works for me, I’ll probably end up using it in my later astral projection attempts.