Very realistic LD

Had an LD last night…YAY!!!

It was very confusing, I knew each part when I woke up but when I was asleep I must of had something like 5 false awakening…so a FA in a FA in a FA in FA in a FA…confusing enough?
At first I was dreaming about dreaming about having an LD, then I checked a clock and the time kept changing, and I realised I was in a dream. after that I concerntrated on staying in the dream. Everything went black several times but I always managed to get back into the dream. I could also feel being paralized (which was cool, very strange feeling) The dream was so clear that when I woke up I did 3 RC before I was sure I wasn’t dreaming anymore…

Here’s a question to some of you, how real do your LD’s get???

thanx for reading


The other morning I had a very real LD. I new I was dreaming but I remembred how in RL I had felt that LDs seemed almost “fake” when I woke up. But I couldn’t believe how real it seemed so I made it a point that I would remember I did this in the dream, it seems fake now but I am MUCH more satisfied with my LDs now that I have done this. I know for a fact now that as they are occuring they are very realistic.

The FA’s always seem more real, so if you remember to do RC after waking up, it’s a great way to get a high-level LD, or enhance it if you’re already lucid.

how real my LDs get? well it really depends what you define real…or normal…

I had my 2nd LD last night :smile:

I was walking home from sixth form and noticed I wasnt wearing any trousers. I wondered why no one had noticed and became lucid. It didnt last very long… I sort of flew (more like a big jump) but then everything became all blurry, (It was really realistic before that) and then I had a FA where I looked at my hands and they didnt exist! Then I had another FA without noticing, about writing it all in my dream journal (I couldnt find a blank page!)

They vary. Some are blurry, some are the same as real life. A few are quite special and are more real than real life. It is these last ones that I yearn for more often. By comparison when I am awake it is but a dream but when I LD in a superconscious state I am truely awake!