Very weird things happening in between sleeping and waking

So I have been having very strange things happening in phases between sleeping and waking states and in sleep. The first thing that happens all the time is as I am falling asleep I will get random thoughts popping up. I will be sitting there and say something like “apple run around shoot the carrot” or something random like that lol and after I say it i’m just like wtf why did I just say that and then another thought will pop up and that keeps going until I fall asleep. These thoughts are uncontrollable, and while im thinking them they make sense, but after they are over I just forget what I was doing. The next weirdest thing that happens is i will have my eyes closed half awake half asleep and then i will check my phone, or so I think…I will literally feel like I just checked my phone and i will see it but then I will realize I never even opened my eyes or moved. And I know i didnt because the real time on my phone isnt what it said when i thought i checked it. Also i will be half awake half asleep and i will think i am looking around in my room, but really my eyes are closed. When i realize my eyes are closed I open then only to find the part of my room I was looking at wasn’t the same as where my eyes were. Another thing that happens is I will find myself half awake half asleep acting out a dream in my head or having a conversation with someone, and then i realize what i was just doing and I am just like WTF why was I just doing that. Finally the weirdest thing that happens is I will be waking up, and i will be sitting there with my eyes open unable to move, I know that is sleep paralysis but it gets weirder for me. I feel like this intense energy in my head and all around my body, it is so intense it is almost unbearable. It feels like an orgasm all over my boy x1000 but not in a good way. I also have auditory hallucinations in this state and one time I closed my eyes and a weird colorful circle thing appeared. WTF!?

Welcome Charmon,
What you have described is only a random stage.
One of the many.
There are much more at the initial hypnagogy stage, then during the main dreams stage, and finally at hypnopombia and waking. Terra nova!
The night experience is exciting and with many alternative variables.
If you will record them for some time in your dream journal with your observations, then you will discover a very rich landscape inside you.
Worth discovering the complementary sides of your being.
You cant decipher your subconscious world with so little data.
Be patient and enjoy your adventures,
Welcome again.

Yeah, what Promitheus said. Hypnagogy has all that weirdness. I once woke up to my phone ringing. I answered. It was my friend asking if I’m taking part in some event next month. “What?” was my response. Then I looked at my hand and noticed that I wasn’t holding my phone. That phone call was some half-asleep hypnopompic hallucination thing. I guess some people walk/talk while asleep. Happened only once for me though.

That feeling of energy surging through your body is something I’ve heard before. I’ve only felt my body stretching and limbs starting to move on their own. Other than that I’ve experienced the usual auditory hallucinations, nonsensical thoughts, micro dreams or what those should be called.

Brain sure does some weird shite when falling asleep/waking up.

Letaali wrote:
Brain sure does some weird shite when falling asleep/waking up.

While I agree in part that that it may be brain’s making, I do have some additional personal experiences that suggest a picture much richer than a single brain scenario.
To document this point beyond my personal observations, I must refer to Huxley’s experiment recorded in his book “The doors of perception”.
There we discover that what we consider private “hallucinations”, is not the makings of a separate brain, but deeper expressions of our collective unconscious - superconscious.

And another scientific pointing out for Letaali:
Watch out in your diary when referring to “Hallucinations”.
Sometimes they are not.
“Hallucinations” do not allways denote false personal operation of the brain.
“Hallucinations” have wrongly overtaken most of the true term of “Psychedelic” that by definition is different.
The two of them look alike but they are not.
And both may appear with or without drugs.
“Psychedelic” derives from the Greek words Psychi (psyche) and Delos (declare).
And psychedelic apocalyptic messages go far beyond Hallucinations in truth.
So by widening the definitive scope of our observations, sometime in hypnopompia we may encounter messages far more serious than any “Hallucinations”.
Do not discard them in vain.

I still believe it’s 100% of my brain being weird. I’m not spiritual at all.

I gain nothing by renaming my experience. The name I give it doesn’t change the experience; it only matters when I try to make another person understand me. Neither of those points support calling them anything other than hallucinations.

I have these weird things happen to me all the time… probably because I’m in the half-awake half-asleep state so my brain isn’t completely “there” yet. :tongue: Most of the time it’s just me thinking surreal thoughts about problems that don’t exist.

Sounds like hypnagogia …but with that being said its possible some of it could be real sensations and real eg the feeling of the energy building up may be actual spontaneous energy raising, some people know how to do that when fully awake and will do it to boost themselves before doing psychic stuff or energy work.

The colourful round thing you see… it wouldn’t happen to be like a mandala would it? You could be spontaneously energy raising and then after that its common to see a chakra (look up chakra madala pictures if you don’t understand what I mean though many of them are more decorative then what the chakras actually do look like when seen in this manner but it may give you the idea. The chakras are very pretty to see in their mandala forms, each chakra tends to have a certain combination of colours).

Just your brains natural hallucinations nothing weird