Very Weird...

Hey has this happened to you in another way or form?

My dream started out as me waking up somewhere other than where I should have been. For some reason I thought to myself, this must be a dream! Then I thought maybe I can lucid dream. I remembered the watch thing, so I looked down at my wrist, and I didn’t have a watch… Dang. So then I looked up and like magically there was a big clock! the time was 9:45 a usual time for me to wake up :wink:. I looked away, then looked back and it was 9:45, but the thing that I missed is, when I looked back, it was digital! Ugh I thought I was pretty closed to a lucid dream (in the dream). So I said meh, this must not be a dream, and just ignored the thought and went on doing stuff. The dream was extremely vivid and I remember it like it really happened. Weird stuff…

It sounds like you were pretty close. However, the fact that you didn’t become lucid indicates to me that perhaps you aren’t doing RCs properly in real life. Looking at your watch is fine, but you also have to be thinking critically about verifying it’s a dream - not just seeing if the time has changed.

Most of the time I become lucid, it’s before I even do the RC in the dream. It’s just the state of mind that I get into that automatically makes the dream appear as such, and not real life.

Thanks for the reply athiest. Actually, I haven’t been practicing RCs and stuff for about the last few months. Strangely, for the last few weeks, I have been having dreams that are so vivid and I remember them like they really happened. I’ve had mini-stories even, with plots, unexpected twists, reocurring characters, and dialog. I think I might start trying to LD again… I am yet to LD :sad:

ya… that happens to me too!

yea same here, which is really weird. i have been busy lately and haven’t had time to LD, so it sux. but i noticed the past few nights i had really vivid dreams like you said. remember them like they happened. it inspired me to try harder on LDing.

Yes, I had a similar experience yesterday:

I read soemwhere (probably in this forum), that using an analog clock or watch works as an RC provided you look at it closely enough (like observing the movement of the second hand). So I’ve been using my watch as an RC quite a lot lately (while awake, I mean). In yesterday’s dream, I checked my watch, and instead of being the very plain analog watch it should be, it was a technologogical marvel complete with tv screen, mini antenna, multiple dials and knobs . . . and yet it didn’t prompt an RC in the dream!

There seem to be two possible explanations: my dream mind is reaching toward lucidity but not quite making it (so this is actually progress); or my dream mind has its own perverse sense of irony, and is mocking me.

I think it was on this forum that someone wrote about a similar irony: dreaming about giving a seminar on lucid dreaming, explaning it in detail, and yet not going lucid (!).