Vibrating watch alarm for Reality Check

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Well, hello everybody :puh: Long, long time no speak :yaaawn:

I finally found that tune I had dreamt about :music: heard it again on the radio just today :boogie: was Gene - Olympian. This was the dream :cloud9: where I watched animated cartoon faces being morphed and multiplied :crazy: and then the animation wrapped back to the beginning :spinning: before ending with accompanying credits.

Back to the main point.

I would like to know, especially from those of you who are using a vibrating watch alarm for reality checks, which ones you would recommend? I’m looking for a vibrating watch alarm that has two alarms, a clock and a timer. Ideally, the timer should ring 3 to 5 times (or what ever variable I chose) and then STOP, so that I may wear the watch while asleep to feel the ringing, but without it waking me up completely. Oh, and cheap.

PS: What happened to my double grin, pasQuale :eek: That was my sig :sadyes:

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Ive tried this before…But Im so bad at recognizing DS that It didnt work

wanttobelucidsobad, whether or not it worked, what DS if anything do you remember?

Oh, and which ones :shrug: would any of you recommend? Anybody :confused: …Please :cookiemon:

just downlaod a computer alarm clock and pick on own sound speak thow mic and say WALAGAcondia and then set the volume and leave you computer on standby
i neever ry these shites i just do them

Say what :notify:

Ooh, quiet thread :sleep:.

Well, since I’ve gotten no help from this place :roll:, I finally went for something called a VibraLite3 - VL300 :boogie:.

It rings (vibrates) for 20 second :eek: on both the alarm and the countdown timer, ugh, too long :grrr:.

It also has an hourly chime that makes one ring, ugh, too short :scream:. Well, that’s the one I’ll try tonight and tomorrow and the night after, although I’m doubting I can sense only one ring :unsure: while sleeping (dreaming).

Since I can’t exactly turn off the one ring after one ring :roll:, I’ll use it for an hourly nose test instead :hmmm:.

I’m also going to find out from the manufacturer if they could adjust the countdown timer’s ring from 20 to 5 (I hope :bow: I hope). The whole idea :user: was to practice turning it off after deliberately waiting for three (or two) rings :clock:, and if it should continue to ring :spinning:, then I know I’m dreaming :fly:. But, I really think 20 rings would wake me :wow:.

Ooh, I had a lucid dream :beer: the night before.

2006/05/01 07:00 - 5 minutes average
It was rapped within false awakenings and frustratingly dark. After patiently toiling with stabilisation techs (hand rubbing and spinning), I finally achieved a wonderfully vibrant scene where I saw celestial bodies, flew over mountings, landed in a tree, and almost had my way with…

Anyway, in a day and a half I’ll tell more about this watch :read: and also how it went with the manufacturers, and hopefully others may benefit :good:.

I found a cheap way to do this! Just thought of it too! I think I’ll actually do it tonight.



set it to a time, 1:00am maybe

then set your ringtone to VIBRATE!!!

Rc right there, and

Ah, that would be good Redifin, except for two things. 1. It would keep ringing till you woke, and 2. I don’t much desire laying my mobile next to me all night because of radiation concerns. On some mobiles (like mine), you can remove the aerial. Maybe this could stop it transmitting and remove the radiation issue, but I don’t know how you reduce the number of rings (to about 5) so it doesn’t wake you.

Well, past night yielded no results. I remember no sign from the hourly chime while asleep (dreaming). I did however remember two wakeful periods when I sensed the chime and did the nose check.

More on the manufacturer’s response, tonight or tomorrow.

heheheh, Nope, Just put it under your leg or something. Can’t help you with radiation, and also mine goes off after 5 rings.

Well, the manufacturers can’t change the number of rings :confused:. They say :roll: it’s built in. I tried sleeping :yaaawn: with the timer set to 45 minute intervals, but I soon [calmly] took it off :whistle: cause it kept waking me :clown:. I would have thrown it across the room like trash :angry:, but I don’t hate it that much :shy: (yet). I’ve decided :neutral: (grudgingly) to just use the hourly chimes for reality checks :seer:. The vibrating alarm watch is still cool :cool: though. Shame I can’t use the timer :wallhit: for dream cues, the reason I bought it :crazy:.

Which one did you have? Tools for Wellness has “Watchminder 2 Training and Reminder System” Its a programable 30 alarm watch with 2 modes. Reminder mode and training mode. This sounds like an excellent idea for reality checks. I’m probably going to purchase this before a 700 nova dreamer (note the watch is $75). I’ll post my results on this thread.

Great :good: phoenelai, Good luck :seer:. I can’t wait to hear more.

Mine is a VibraLite3 - VL300, you can google it.

Oh, I hope :plotting: you’ve shopped around first. $75 seems kinda steep :shrug:.

Oops :eek:, my mistake. It’s $79.95 (£42.59) which is alright :yes: for what it does.