vibration under my neck

:eh: I was woken up last night by a vibration feeling under my neck. It almost felt like some thing was digging like a mouse or something (it was not a mouse). It woke me up enough to feel under my pillow and check around my bed. I’ve been really focused on LD’s lately. Has anyone else felt any weird vibrations like this? :eh:

That’s a very common side effect of WILD’ing. And no, it was probably not a mouse. IF you weren’t trying to WILD, then it could be unrelated to LD’ing.

I hope it had something to do with LD’s!

Was it happening in the dream? Or as you were fading into your dream, accompanied by some sort of light patterns?

If it started happening randomly in a dream, it may have been a simple muscle spasm. Or the circulation of blood may have been halted, and restarted to create that fuzzy that we get when our arms, legs fall asleep, it happens in necks from time to time.

If it happened while you were fading into your dream, accompanied by some sort of light patterns, it was definitely you experiencing the first stages of the WILD technique.

:eh: I’m not sure if it was happening during a wild. I remember doing WILD before I went to bed because I do that every night. Then i know I dosed off but alot of times I start to become conscious again so this might of happen when I was starting to become conscious. I don’t know for how long between starting WILD and the neck vibration I was asleep. :eh:

Then it might have been a side effect of WILD’ing. You should try binaural beats, they could help keep you focused away from the vibration enough to keep you from freaking out from it. Actually, that could be counter-produtive, because when you WILD you’re supposed to focus on the feelings you get, while remaining conscious.

What are binaural beats? :eh:

The ld4all tutorial
Bwgen tutorial
There is also a big topic on it in the pathways forum.

Moogle pretty much covered it, but I’ll try it in my own terms…

Binaural beats are sounds played a different frequencies in each of your ears. Your brain recognizes only the difference between the two sounds, and the effect is usually the beat mimcicking a brainwave pattern to make you be more relaxed, more excited, or other things (some are very interesting)