Victory! ... somewhat...

I got a lucid dream this morning! It was short though.

I was doing MILD and then I fell asleep. I had a normal dream then awakened from it. I remembered not to move and to keep my eyes closed. I began imagining myself spinning on the axis of my bed. Soon it felt like I really WAS spinning! I then lost complete awareness of my body and consciously faded into a dream. I was in the band room (yes I’m in a band), which is also my little bro’s bed room. I was suspended upside down in mid-air staring lucidly at all of our band equipment. The mixers, the huge speakers, my bass, etc. I willed myself to fall on the floor so I could stand up normally. Even though I was already lucid, I gave a glance at the alarm clock. Sure enough it was all distorted. I stood up and saw my brother sleeping in his bed. He was really on a camp out when this happened. Before I could walk up to him, I woke up.

I tried to proceed with MILD, but could not focus. I’d also like to add that the past 3 days I have been using the Hand RC. That personally doesn’t work for me anymore, so today I switched to the Digital Watch RC. Unless I’m in the shower, If I see I am not wearing it then I am dreaming. Needless to say if I am wearing it, but the time is distorted I am also dreaming. This should work much better.

I don’t know why MILD has been so anal to me. I did do WBTB.

What are you all thinking?

Well, it does seem like you really had a lucid dream, and Congratulations!:clap:

I never knew about pretending to spin on your bed’s axis right when you wake up to induce a lucid dream…I’m gonna have to try that…:good:

Yeah, it works pretty well. The idea is to remain completely still with your eyes closed till you gain consciousness then stay in the same position and imagine yourself spinning. Only takes a few minutes at most.

interesting, after all spinning seems to have a significant meaning in LDing; like spinning to stabilize, spinning to realize, and spinning to get out of your body (was the case in my only successful WILD)

i would like to try to see my friends or a person that I know sleeping and try to enter in his dream while im LD. I dont know if its work , it would be cool to shape is dream.