video game trance

question: are you dream if you get so absorbed in a video game that you block out everything else, and it is almost like ur there? or if you get sleepy while doing it? :smile: thanks for ur feedback!!

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I would have to say no since you’re not asleep. You have to sleep to dream.

…now, if you fall asleep while playing a game and dream about the game, that’s different

Doesn’t seem any different than being absorbed in a book or movie.

Not true!

I dream of having a nice little house on a nice little tropical island all the time… :content:

i know but sometimes i get SO obsorbed into a game that it blocks out EVRYTHING. really to tell the truth, its just like a dream. two hours realtime seems like days to me, and you forget about your true reality.

My god … I will surely sound like your parents ^^ but … don’t play that much, bad for you ^^ (just kidding, I think it’s possible to have that kind of feeling even if you don’t play a lot, the game just has too be really good ! :eek: )

But the fact is that you are not asleep. Loah’s example of daydreaming aside, if you’re not asleep you’re not in a dream. The only thing is that your attention is fully focused on that one thing. I might consider it daydreaming at best, though you aren’t even doing the work, it’s being fed to you.

Sleep deprivation causes you to dream while awake. (DONT try it!)

Right, but that’s bit of a different situation, don’t you think? I even might classify that more as a hallucination than anything.

thats wha indians used to do…sad really. :sad:

I would go further to say that it could very well be an almost meditative/trance-like state (and if you reach this state playing games, then maybe it’s time to take a break! :tongue:). But yeah, you’re still awake so not dreaming.

I find playing games just before bed greatly influences my dreams. Had a very Medal Of Honour inspired dream the other night after playing it for a couple of hours before bed.

If only there was a lucid dreaming themed game; playing such a game before bed would be a GREAT tool! Video games have a great way of completely engrossing you (as young wolfpaw demonstrates), and if you could capitalise on that by incorporating lucid dreaming themes, I’m sure your SC would absorb this.

Now, I think you should put this idea to use and create something just like that. When I think of it, I think of a good storyline, a person discovering himself through Lucid Dreaming yada yada. I dunno, sounds good. Just don’t make it like the movie Brain Scan haha.

It’s not exactly sleeping, but it seems like you’re in a hypnotic state- not because of the videogames, but because of self-hypnosis. A trance is the perfect word to call it, but not quite, it should be full focus then. The difference between a trance and gamer focus is that gamers remember what they did, unlike a trance, in which you forget about it. So i’m going to say that it’s Gamer Focus. (What’s gamer focus? I don’t know, but it sounds perfect for the situation. It’s a Gamer’s ability to focus so thoroughly into something that the game nearly envelops him/her or cat into its surroundings.)

Want to know the feeling?
Play Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Also, you don’t really NEED a lucid dream game to help with lucidity, the game should implement itself into the dream automatically. Playing Batman? You might: fight like him, feel awesome like him, treat some punk like him, hang criminals from buildings just like him, or even hunt like him, talk like him, glide like him- Okay you get the point!