Video of an electron

The first ever video of an electron. Check it out;


[mod]and for those who don’t want to spend three hours downloading either of the above, here’s the same video on YouTube:

with the difference that it loads in about five seconds :wink: -br.[/mod]


its like ripples in a pond…

Wait… and I’m made of these? Eww! :nuu:

Next thing they’ll be photographing protons and they’ll look like stupid rocks. =P

I would love to see this, but I can’t seem to reach more than 1 kb/sec on either of those files. It’ll be another hour at least, according to the estimated completion time. I guess the site is slashdotted, heh.

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been looking at a lot of images generated by electron microscopes recently, as I’m dying to have a closer look at the subatomic world. It’s all just so fascinating.

I still picture protons and neutrons as little blue and red spheres, like a bunch of multicoloured grapes. That’s what happens when you look at too many simplified diagrams. :tongue:

Heh heh, same here.

How could they record the extremely fast-moving electron anyway?

Fate, read description of the technique in the last link in Daniel’s post. :wink:

I’m made of these? These look so cool. Electric ripples.

i think they look pretty :wiske:

i want one! but i already have… a zillion! :open_mouth:

How can they take a video of something that small? This should not even work with normal light…