VILD + WBTB? could it help?

Hey do you guys reckon VILD would work better/easier with WBTB?

And also, what’s FILD?

and also, what’s HILD?

[The FILD tech (was HILD) - part II)

That is FILD… i have been trying it for a week and didnt do it cause apperantly i cant last 30 seconds doing anything without going to sleep when i wake up during night :cool:

well i havent had any LDs so far but as I understand everything is easier with WBTB! :smile:

well I dunno with VILD, as in WBTB you fall asleep pretty quickly, you might not have enough time to incubate the dream…

and thanks for the link!

What’s VILD? (btw. Please don’t call me a moron :razz:)

visually incubated lucid dream

it’s where you incubate a dream (by visualising it over and over in your head) in which you do a reality check.

WBTB helps with DILD’s (by increasing power of MILD’s and autosuggestion). Same with WILD. But I cant help with this one - I never heard of WBTB effects of VILD. I guess it should help, but after ~30 minutes of staying up. Then you won’t fall asleep o quicky, so you’ll have time to incubate dream. You should also get into REM fast.

I know what DILDs are but how do you do them? Don’t you ask a dream character in an LD to tell you next time you’re dreaming or something?

How do you do DILDs again?

After looking up HILD (Hypnosis Induced Lucid Dream) on the net ( … topic=7245) sounds just like the first thing I do before I goto sleep (if I’m not too tired). But I really never thought about it as hypnotic. I use this method to practice astral projection, but it works very well to clear your mind totally.

FILD sounds very good too! Never seen that method, I will surely try it tonight - I think that’s a good method for me.

Try using FILD with WBTB :wink:

Well I set my clock to wake me up, but my flatmate woke me up entirely before that :sad: so one day waisted :sad:

Just do a lot of RC’s.

You can ask the DC in a normal dream if you’re dreaming, and if you are - you will feel very very strange. Also, you can ask the DC if you’re dreaming if you think you are dreaming, but you are not sure.
1 last thing(About your question) - I don’t know, but I guess you can ask a DC to tell you next time you’re dreaming(and If you can, that’s a great tech!!!)

Yeah, I think the ‘asking DC to tell you you’re dreaming thing’ stores like a message, the DC, in your subconscious, and it pulls it out next time you’re dreaming.

@ woodydrn: Tell me where you are, I’ll sort your flatamate out… (just joking, don’t actually tell me where you live!)

i think that is called LILD (lucid …)

DILD’s are all “OMGWTF I’m dreaming !!” kind of LD’s. It is when you for example notice that something is not like it’s IRL, so it must be dream.

oh right. They can’t be very very reliable, becayse it’s all down to chance really.