Violence is a lie .

Guns are not cool.

Death is not cool.

Shooting people in video games is not that cool unless the violence is cartoonish and devoid of blood and pain.

People are conditioned to hate and be eager to seek out a trigger reflex in any way possible.

Stop. The problems of the world are only solved through common sense and reason.

If you don’t want it to happen to you don’t do it in a game or watch it in a film unless you are not seeking it but trying to learn something.

Love is everything. Without love you wouldn’t be alive right now You are alive because people care enough to feed shelter clothe you and your parents supported you . Get over it. violence is mentally retarded. It is deplorable.

forget just say no to …
you know, how about JUST SAY NO TO VIOLENCE … for real.

Boobs ? do you see them on tv ? nope, how many bloody corpses do you see on tv ? they want you to hate. don’t hate.


the human body = evil and killing all humans = good
basically what tv seems to be saying to people in america. turn it off.

As a world wide network of information we are too connected to destroy each other by pushing buttons, we must learn to love, all of us , including our leaders. You must be what you want the world to be, love.

All pain is from the sensation of not being loved, which is not true. IN the presence of real legitimate love, be it from a friend, a dog, a lover, a flower, you will begin to create a good life worth living.

The hate suicide kill rage reflex is PUT into teenagers by information handlers. Think about it. Teenage years are when it makes you a (swear word ) if you have “feelings” or you express love if you are a male.

The male who is no longer able to be who he was when he was 4 can become depressed and heavily medicated and controlled by lies from the mass media.

Stop it ! Resist this. You have the capacity to be very happy , stay away from negativity, it is not true.

It seems true but it destroys you .
Positivity is the only fuel that creates a happy life and a good future. YOUR MIND, information, war,

informatino is warring for control of your cognitive resources. Positivity is real. Negativity is a shadow it has no light.

staying away from the sun makes you depressed, negativity wants people to think the sun is “gay” and suicide is cool

be understanding that this information exists in this world and say NO to it. get out of negative thoughts they are retarded literally ! They are NOT true, none of them are, and they have absolutely nothing to do with you , your own capacity to be happy and heal your life and be successful is limitless.

Think long term about what you can offer to the world that you LOVE, and forget about money. Make it if you need to but eventually realize your goal by finding it.


What guns? I never even seen a gun or pistol in real life other than in the hands of law inforcement. I also see plenty of boobs on television. So what was all this about?

I don’t see why post this on an internet forum which is about lucid dreams. Obviously noone here has ever been in a serious fight.

And besides all of it, if your smart enough, you can stay away from violence. You can hang out in a society that is very violence friendly, but still stay out of it all, just by going home every time there is a fight. That way noone will want to beat you up. Well, your own people maybe will (jk, if your cool enough noone will be angry at you if you walk off from a fight).

Another thing, shooting people in video games is fun. It is not that video games make people violent, people make people violent.

It’s impossible to make me angry. I would never hurt anyone, and I’m very selfless. But put me as a player in an fps, and I’m a monster. Bloody? Gorey? Team fortress II.
Oh, and by the way. The idea of violence has not been in my head for quite some time. Your talking about it just put it there.

Hear hear, and I would even go on to argue: It is not that video games make people violent, people make video games violent… we made them that way because we like it that way. Those programms on the tv have so much violence because that’s what gets the most viewers; people want that. Do all to viewers go out killin’? If yes there wouldn’t be any people left.

And on the topic of guns. I don’t use them for killing, though I own many, as does many of my family members. It’s not a need for self defense, either. Many people use guns as a recreational tool; I don’t hunt, but I love to shoot targets.

But as Blenderman and Loah have said, it isn’t the media who make us do bad things. It’s people. You could argue that an extremely impressionable child could see these things and become violent, but that’s not the programs, it’s whoever let the child see these things. It’s not that violence is good, I personally abhor violence in society, but I don’t see it, and I never get involved.

The thought that drugs and media control one’s life is also a little out there. Prescription medication is for treating illness, not controlling and brainwashing children. As far as media goes, it’s what I said earlier: It’s not the media necessarily, it’s whoever exposed the child to the media.

death met evil, evil met hate, hate met a confusion between love and itself, and it led to a jaunty post with angery undertones. as long as love stays on earth with us, so does hate, death and violence… its some of the purest aspects of human nature.
not one of your better posts.

I like that sentence. :smile:

Violence is a lie?
Hmm. I like to agree if you say that most violence isn´t necessary, and “love everything” and stuff like that. If you talk about games, I think that´s a completely different matter.
In my opinion, what makes a good game, is a certain amount of confusion, of pain, maybe even hate. But then it must be clear for the players, that these feelings are game-feelings; the real reason they are playing it is because they love to do so, and hopefully because they like each other.

Aren´t we always learning?*

[size=59]* (I´m not sure about what I think about it, but the question sounds nice…)[/size]

Hmm… I think I didn’t state it that way. I wanted to say that a man is how he is, either without or with video games. There will always be crazy people in every act, just like gaming. I doesn’t mean that it made him violent, and it doesn’t mean all people that are gamers are violent. He would probably be violent if he has never played games at all. To prove this to you, read this thread: … highlight=

Do you think that LD’ing made him kill people?
Do you think all LD’ers kill people?

Probably not. So you can’t think differently about games.

Oh I didn’t say you stated it that way. I simply agreed with your point and then went on to make a point of my own, but I do apologise if it sounded different.
Also I don’t think I stated that games made man violent. I think we are going in the same direction here and trying to tell the other what he already agrees on. I started out by copying you saying; “It is not that video games make people violent…”. After that I simply argued that people may like looking at violence, and that therefore there is nothing wrong with showing it. Also the retorical question in my second-to-last sentence and it’s anwer was meant to expicitely say that tv or videogames do not make man violent. Isn’t that what you’re saying, or are we still on a different page?

:grin: I smiled when I saw that.

I also play FPS’s, but I’m a bit selfless in real life. In fact I’m shocked at how greedy everyone else is. But I lurves me some action games sometimes.

Maybe I’m just Haruhi-ist.