violent and kinda sick dream for me

Since I am new to this sorry for my mistakes i dont know really where to put this post. ok so since i read about some conspiracies about some satanist group controling the world I had weird dreams about me starting a revolution and uniting all religions to stand aginst them suddenly Im in some city destroyed to allmost ashes standing with all of the people from the 3 main religions and atheits [something weird too] around a large building where they are hiding and having a hold… all the 3 religions has a line of canons medieval type of canons soon the couple of the satanists come out to surrender then i choice to kill and bombard the building and kill them all the survivors were executed in a high buliding and then push thier headless budies from the roof then i became a dictator killing bunch of people who were suspects of being them. i knew i had the power to control what i dream i didnt know how it was called then. i am a nice person and have feelings in real life and an atheist i dont know why should i care if they are satanists if im an atheist since this dream i dream about it more and more sick ways to kill them.but i stopped reading about them hearing talking about them it still comes back.

I think this may be a better place than adventures even though you seem to have had some lucidity in the dream since you were aware you had power to control what you dream.

You seem to be focusing more on the negative parts of the dream. The positive are you united three religions (no mean feat) and you over powered an ‘evil force’.

If you have an high level of lucidity then you have a real choice of doing these violent actions in your dreams or not. When you have low lucidity, you can not always be responsible for your actions.

But at the end of the day, dreams are dreams. They can be a release valve for how we feel in our daily life. For instance, I beat up a dog in a LD once but it was after my cat had been savagely attacked by a dog in real life.

thank you for fast answer and how do i remove this from this section?

Perhaps it was lucidity at a low level, but it sounds to me more like a “dreamtime alter-ego”.

I don’t take any responsibility for my subconscious, either :wink: Seriously, I’ve been lately having dreams of being an evil stepfather, and doing really awful things to children. I’m horrified at the thought of anyone doing horrible things to children in waking life, but I must admit that acts in my dream are a part of me. It just might be a part of me in a more obscure way…

So, sick and murderous is a part of you, too, but probably not in the way you think. Do you have a yearning or need to be more empowered in your life? Perhaps grudges that seem to be out of proportion to the slight, in the eyes of others? Things like that might come up in dreams, in symbols such as becoming an evil dictator in the dream alter-ego. It’s not as serious as it sounds.

maybe im still aint sure why its happening im yet not doing any thing wrong but i do hate where i live and i want to change that place and its people

Dreams are dreams. Unexpected things happen in there that can be in a direct clash of your persona, beliefs or experiences. Don’t dwell too much on their meaning, but rather experience them as interesting stories and adventures.

I don’t get/remember many fighting dreams. The 2 closest to fighting and some of the most vivid in my life were ones with dinosaurs trying to eat me and one with crocodiles trying to drown and kill me. Not that close, since I couldn’t fight. :confused: